P-51B Mustang Fighter Aircraft

This is a plastic model kit of a 1/48 P-51B Mustang Fighter Aircraft from Tamiya. It's for ages 10 and up.

Tamiya P-51B Mustang Fighter Aircraft Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/48 Scale #61042
 Tamiya # tam61042
Retail $34.00  SAVE 22% !
Tamiya Item # tam61042
Features :
  • Approximately 60 parts in medium grey and clear with fine recessed panel lines.
  • Highly detailed cockpit with control stick and rudder pedals, and sculpted pilot figure.
  • 2 styles of exhaust stubs, optional position flaps, drop tanks.
  • Detailed pictorial instructions.
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Spotlight Review

"Excellent and what you expect from Tamiya"
wyee (Virginia)
Good fun putting this classic airplane together. Nice details with excellent fit. A good kit for a beginner. Nothing hard about the assembly and you get a sharp looking model. My only complaint is the decals for the white wing stripes didn't really fit. I ended up scraping them off and did the old mask and paint.

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  • Approximately 60 parts in medium grey and clear with fine recessed panel lines.
  • Highly detailed cockpit with control stick and rudder pedals, and sculpted pilot figure.
  • 2 styles of exhaust stubs, optional position flaps, drop tanks.
  • Detailed pictorial instructions.


  • Scale: 1/48
  • Wingspan: 9-1/4" (23.5cm)
  • Fuselage Length: 8" (20.5cm)
  • Tamiya Product Number: 61042


1/48 P-51B Mustang plastic model kit

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Another Tamiya winner!"
This kit is over TWENTY years old and is still an excellent build. It offers great value for a kit that literally falls together, has great detail and looks terrific when built out of the box. Tamiya hit a home run with this in 1995, and they continue to circle the bases with a beautiful representation of the B model Mustang that can be had without checking with the credit union first.

"Fun and easy P-51B"
kajoe55 (Indiana)
Model building got you down. Your project too big, too lengthy, not coming together like you wanted it to? This model is just what the doctor ordered. Skill level doesn’t matter. Tamiya makes great models and this one is made for everyone. As usual the detailing is very nice (although there are probably aftermarket kits to enhance the cockpit and wheel wells/landing gear), bombs or drop tanks, recessed panel lines, flap options, and decals for three aircraft. I highly encourage you to pick the version you want to build and then review the instructions carefully. For example, the kit comes with two different engine exhausts. If you choose to model version three, use the right part for that particular variant. No matter what, fit is great and as usual, Tamiya calls out all the paint you will need for the project. I sometimes dislike the idea of mixing paints (as they call for) but as long as you know this up front, it’s not an issue. This isn't the bubble canopy so be prepared for the birdcage painting effort. Again, depending upon the aircraft you want to model, pay attention. If you look at the box art, Shangri-La has a two tone prop spinner and the red paint continues to just short of the exhaust ports. If you haven’t painted something like that in the past, it might be a bit of a challenge. Otherwise, this is a very easy kit to put together, represents a fantastic aircraft, doesn’t take long, and will look good on your shelf or display area.

"The Best...... period"
In my eyes the best P-51B kit ever made. Ever thing is right and where it's supposed to be. The kit falls together like 99.9% of Tamiya models. The fit is great, The instruction sheet is top notch. And the decals go on nicely. With plenty of aftermarket parts and decals. The only problem you'll have with this kit. Is what decals you'll use.


The Allison engine powered P-51A Apache, was derived from the original RAF Mustang 1 ground attack and photo reconnaissance aircraft. Long before anyone had even heard of a Mustang, the plan to put a Rolls Royce Merlin engine into the airframe had started. The Merlin was powering some of the best warplanes in England; the Hurricane, Spitfire and the Avro Lancaster bomber. To develop a new engine for the P-51 would take considerable time, which the allies did not have.

In September 1940, the Packard Motor Company of the U.S. began license production of the Merlin V-1650-1 engine in Detroit, Michigan. With a new supercharger drive, a new V-1650-3 was mated to the first P-51B. Both the U.S. and England started the Merlin engine modification idea almost simultaneously. 10 airframes were modified in the U.S. with the Merlin and these became the basis for the most successful fighter series of the war.

Flying for the first time on 30 November 1942, the XP-51B was soon modified with a larger coolant radiator scoop, which actually increased its top speed by 50mph and gave it a higher ceiling by 10,000 ft. The addition of an 85 gallon fuel tank behind the seat increased the P-51B's already excellent range, and it could now escort the bombers all the way to the target and back. P-51B Mustangs began arriving in England in September 1943 with the first Mustangs going to the 3354th fighter group at Boxted, England, and ended the war with the most air to air victories. A total of 3788 P-51B's were produced.


  • Decal Options:
  • 1: 336th FS 4th FG Capt. D Gentile "Shangri La".
  • Top: Olive drab; Bottom: Neutral Grey; Spinner: White w/red
  • stripe.
  • 2: 358th FS 355th FG Lt William Hovde "Ole II".
  • Same as A: except; Spinner: Cream.
  • 3: 339th FS 504th FG "Bonny Bea" S/N 210933.
  • Fuselage: Bare metal w/Olive drab anti-glare panel; Wings: Silver;
  • Spinner: White w/red stripe (decal); Nose: Red and white checked.


  • As exquisite as the cockpit detail in this kit is it does suffer from a small accuracy problem. In the original Allison powered
  • Mustangs the cockpit floor was actually the top surface of the wing
  • , resulting in a curved surface. The change to the Merlin engine
  • require modifications which made the fuselage taller.
  • Consequently, a flat wooden floor was installed in all P-51's from
  • the B model onwards. However, this kit has the curved floor
  • appropriate to an early Mustang. It's easily fixed with some
  • sheet styrene.

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