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US Navy PBR31 MkII Pibber Boat

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Amphibious Transport Landing Ship Boat

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LCVP with US Infantry

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WWII LCM(3) US Navy Landing Craft

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L.S.T. (Landing Ship Tank)

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An easy kit to build. Lots of detail and with painting you can make a nice example of this Vietnam icon.....
This set works great for weathering Navy ships. Far better than thinning and using paint. The black works great for exhaust stains, brown for rust, and white for oxidation on brass props.....
An easy kit to build in it's WWII configuration. It can be a challenge to build a Vietnam era version because of the modifying of the front ramp. Parts needed very little cleaning and this one was a....
An easy build if you make the World War II version. It becomes a challenge when you modify the ship to it's current configuration using scratch built and spare parts from other kits. Tooling for this....
This kit is made from older tooling and requires much cleaning of flash from parts. Kit is suppose to be USS Tortuga LSD-26 but is actually USS FORT MARION LSD-22, the only LSD of this class to have t....