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Aerogloss Sanding Sealer 1 oz
Product Number: MID71-1
Manufacturer: Midwest
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  • Product Information

This is a 1 oz glass jar of Sanding Sealer Primer from Midwest. The original hot fuel proof butyrate dope system which gives a durable, fast-drying, lightweight and beautiful lacquer-type finish.

Product Features
  • Use over raw wood to seal grain. Drys clear.
  • Used for Tissue Covered Aiplane Models, Control Line Airplane Models, R/C Airplane and Boat Models, Wood Scouting Projects and Model
  • Rockets.
  • For use on paper, fabric coverings, balsa and basswood.
  • Contains no lead.
Product Specifications
  • Fluid Ounce: 1 oz (29.5 mL)
  • Fuel Proof: No, Do Not use as a final coat.
  • Midwest Product Number: 71-1
What's Included

One 1 oz Glass Jar of Sanding Sealer Primer

  • Use in a well ventilated area with lung, eye and skin protection.
  • Brush to apply Sanding Sealer to the model.
  • Aero-Gloss Thinner (mid43-16) for clean-up.
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Manufacturer Comments
  • Flammable: Contains toluol and methyl ethyl keytone.
  • As with any type of painting procedure, always test for compatibility of materials on a scrap piece before attempting to paint model.
  • For best results: 1. Sand entire model until smooth surface is obtained by using progressively coarse to fine sandpaper.
  • 2. Fill in any surface irregularities with Aero-Gloss Balsa
  • Fillercoat Primer.
  • 3. Stir Sanding Sealer thoroughly. Apply as many coats as required
  • with a full brush to obtain smooth surface. Sand between coats
  • using tack rag to wipe away dust.
  • 4. Dry 72 hours before paint application. Topcoat Sanding Sealer
  • with Formula U or Aero-Gloss Dopes.
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