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Big Bertha Model Rocket Kit Skill Level 1

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Product Description

Over the decades this is the first big rocket for many modelers! Slow, realistic lift-offs from this true classic!

Big Bertha is an Estes original! Big, burly, black and beautiful perfectly describes this classic. She's an all around Estes favorite that has truly withstood the test of time. Over the decades, Big Bertha has been most modelers' first big build. While standing on its massive fins, this big black rocket checks in at an impressive 2 feet tall. If you've never flown a Bertha, get one and launch it. Once you've flown it, you'll take it to every launch!

The Big Bertha gives you a slow, realistic liftoff. What a thrill it is to watch! Propelled by powerful standard Estes engines, this beauty travels to 500 feet and comes back to earth with a decorated 18 inch parachute. Quality Estes body tubes, laser cut wood fins, molded plastic nose cone and easy to apply self-stick decals make for an afternoon of building enjoyment. In one afternoon your Bertha is ready for an exciting time at the launch field!

Product Features
  • Self-adhesive black and white decals.
  • Die-cut card fins.
  • Plain brown cardboard body tube.
  • One-piece white plastic nose cone.
  • Parachute recovery with shroud lines and shock cord.
  • Centering rings, engine hook and engine mount tube.
  • Skill level 1: quick and easy-to-build.
  • Estes' full 1 year warranty.
  • Detailed illustrated assembly and launch instructions.
Product Specifications
  • Length: 24" (61 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.64" (41.7 mm)
  • Weight: 2.2 oz (62 g)
  • Recovery: 18" (46 cm) parachute
  • Fins: Die cut balsa
  • Maximum Altitude: 500 ft (152 m)
  • Estes Product Number: 1948
What's Included
  • One model rocket kit
  • Decals
  • Detailed Instructions
What's Required

For Launching

For Assembly

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Most Helpful Reviews
An Absolute Favorite to Build and Fly!
By miataman1 November 28, 2012
I have an entire fleet of Estes rockets, and this is easily one of my favorites. It is an easy build for beginners, yet even seasoned rocketeers count it among their must haves. It is always taken along on launch day due to its reliability and beautiful, comparatively slow lift-off. There are really no negatives that come to mind. It has a good price point and is a proven winner. That's probably why Estes has offered this rocket for so long. One tip that Estes seldom mentions is a tip to avoid excessive drift when launching with a C6-5: You can cut a hole in the parachute center about 3 inches in diameter. The rocket will still have a gentle landing but will not drift too far if there is a breeze. I have done this with Big Bertha and many other rockets with no mishaps due to cutting the parachute center hole.
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Classic, Easy Build, Great Flier
By mhrdeadhead October 13, 2012
A classic kit from Eastes that's an easy build witha stable flight...this can be flown in tight quarters with no fear of loss.
Was this review helpful to you? 5 of 5 people found this review helpful
Excellent first rocket
By cofrbooboo October 13, 2012
I received the Estes Big Bertha kit as a gift, my very first model rocket build. This is a very easy kit to assemble, with clear, easy to follow instructions. Parts are high quality which helps significantly with the build. I used Titebond II exclusively throughout the build with great results. The only area where I recommend extra care be taken is in sanding the fin edges. To ensure a good glue joint the root edges must have the burn (brown color) from the laser removed to expose clean balsa. Care is required to keep the edges square and flat. Using the recommended method of stacking the fins works well, although care must be taken to keep them properly aligned. Once the burn residue is gone and the leading and trailing edges have been rounded use the double glue technique in the instructions to glue the fins on. Done right you'll end up with a joint that is stronger than the materials being glued together! I chose not to use the kit paint scheme and supplied decals in order to make my Bertha unique. Red and white were used to create an old school look. Decals were a mix of US flags from a sheet of RC airplane decals and text decals created on my P-Touch printer. This rocket just asks to be customized, or you can peruse old Estes catalogs and reproduce one of the many wonderful paint schemes it has carried throughout its long life. To date I haven't been able to launch my Big Bertha (real life getting in the way, as happens) but hope to do so soon. I can heartily recommend this kit as your first model rocket build, and guarantee that once you've built one many more will follow. I already have plans for my second! And third, maybe fourth....
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The best vehicle for key-chain camera rocket videos!
By rbeard2 March 22, 2013
All that has been said about the Big Bertha in the other reviews is true - it is a classic, slow take-off, rugged beast that is fun to build and flies great. Easily modified to a 24mm motor mount (just purchase a motor mount tube and extra sheet of 3/32 balsa for reinforced centering rings). Also, if you have discovered the super cheap key-chain style HD cameras for sale online, this is the perfect rocket to strap them onto! Just attach your fully charged micro camera to the top of the body tube just under the nosecone shoulder with 5 or six tight wraps of electrical tape (doesn't pull off the finish like masking tape). The Big Bertha shrugs of any aerodynamic disturbances due to her overlarge fins and the extra weight of the camera appears not affect flight at all!
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