Chopped Leaves - Fine, Medium, Coarse

This is the Chopped Leaves Fine, Medium, Coarse 9 Cubic Inches from JTT Scenery Products. Suitable for Ages 14 & Older.

JTT Chopped Leaves - Fine, Medium, Coarse Model Railroad Ground Cover #95089
 JTT Miniature Tree # jtt95089
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JTT Miniature Tree Item # jtt95089
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"a time saver"
You can probably chop stuff up and make just as good a product, but this cheap,. and it comes in three different bags- each of a different sized ground cover (think teeny little leaves for small scale models). Now all of them are a good medium brown, so I have actually given them a bit of pop by adding in some dried tea leaves (as a second color). If you know someone that drinks different teas you may be able to just dry out the used leaves and make your own, although tea is fairly acidic and some time down the road it may cause a problem. But then I don't know what this is made of and it may have the same acidity. Who knows. anyway, its a good, cheap, quick and dirty way to add some texture to the ground.

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  • JTT Product Number: 95089
  • Walthers Product Number: 373-95089
  • Walthers Catalog: 2015 HO, page 333

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"Very mixed feelings."
bubba.pearson (Manassas, VA)
I bought this material here sight unseen (other than the photo on the 'site, of course) for use as a textured imitation soil, one of quite a few other, similarly low cost products I bought to determine which provides the most bang for the buck as a finished project. The finished project for which I'm shooting is a great looking, completed, textured 'dirt' covering for the display bases of finished 25-30mm gaming or display-only miniatures. Overall, the quality of the material itself, really nothing more or less than crushed/chopped dried leaves, is not bad at all, and I quite liked it for the intended purpose. When initially I added this to my shopping cart, I had very high hopes for the product, imagining lots of potentially useful material at a great low price. The quantity of material in the 3 bags as delivered however, 1 each of fine, medum and coarse chop, while listed in total weight of grams in the online writeup, actually was so much less than what I expected for the price that I was shocked. To me, the amount of material, total or in the bags, seems -incredibly- miniscule, and I can't believe I paid $1.11 per bag for such a tiny amount of chopped up dried leaves. When it comes right down to it, regardless of how well it might perform at meeting my needs, it's so expensive per completed miniature, compared to almost all of the other available products, that I simply can't afford it. I bought it, so I will use it up, but I certainly won't be buying any more of it in the future. In fairness to Hobbylinc, I must point out that this was my fault entirely -- I should have done at least a little research to get a good idea of how much similar material actually makes up 10 grams per bag for a total of 30 grams. That would have prevented the shock problem I experienced when opening the product, but had I better realized what I would 7get for my money, I wouldn't have bought it in the first place. The item does perform well for representing small scale soil with some visible texture (as is with a few added 'stones,' or, with added-on watered-down white glue, painted and over/dry brushed to really highlight the texture desired), but if compared to $1.11 worth of, for example, Woodland Scenics 'fine turf' from a 32oz shaker jar, or the same amount from a large bag of fine, medium or coarse brown 'ballast' (which currently is my go-to product for this need), the difference in quantity so overshadows any possible qualitative difference between the two items that it wouldn't ever be cost effective for me to buy the leaves instead. Your mileage may vary.

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