IDF Green

This is the Mission Models IDF Green hobby and model acrylic paint.

Mission IDF Green Hobby and Model Acrylic Paint #128
 Mission Models # msn128
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Mission Models Item # msn128
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"Does what it's supposed to do"
dpenn89 (Jersey Shore, NJ)
Anyone who works with photo-etch (PE) on their models knows how frustrating it can be to turn flat sheets of brass into boxes and complex shapes. This tool has several differently-sized edges for bending corners into your PE parts. The red knob tightens the straight edge down; it unfortunately doesn't get tight enough to hold some of the Eduard 1/72 scale pieces I've been using, without having to manually hold the edge down with my finger. The tool still does make things much easier, though. My main complaint is the price; it's two pieces of plastic, a small screw, and four rubber feet for nearly $20.

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  • Mission Product Number: 128

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"Very disappointed"
As another reviewer has commented, the top bracket doesn't tighten down enough to hold this PE parts, such as those made my Eduard. Using the long edge of the top bracket helps some if you put the small piece in the very middle. The base is not flat, and that allows small parts to shift when trying to bend them in to shape. I'd try to sand the top of the base flat, but there are two small posts that are supposed to keep the top bracket from moving. Unfortunately, the posts fit loosely enough to allow the top bracket to move slightly. Not a big deal for large PE pieces, but it makes bending small pieces a nightmare.

This Mr. Fold it by Gauntlett is complete junk. First of all its way overpriced. This tool looks, feels, and preforms like a $5 tool. It's like the harbor freight of pe bending tools. The reason I bought this tool was to deal with very small 1/35 etch pieces. Like other reviewers have stated, the base isn't level (I checked) and the top piece with the fingers is also uneven (I checked). You can imagine the kind of mating surface you get when you mate up two uneven surfaces. When you tighten the top down all the way, without pe in it, you can see light in between the base and fingers of different sizes which really shows how off this tool is. Trying to clamp down 1/35 small pieces of etch and bend them is a nightmare of frustration because they move around while bending because they aren't being held down properly. Ive have better luck with a metal ruler and a razor blade than this deplorable tool. It barely works for bigger pieces, but then again those bigger pieces are the pieces you can usually just bend by hand or with tweezers, pliers, etc...Save yourself the $20, or better yet, spend the extra money and get a quality tool machined to be perfectly level from aluminum, that works as designed, that you can enjoy rather than hate, and will most likely last a pay for what you get!! You've been warned.

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