Perfect Acrylic Cleaner 100ml Bottle

A potent cleaner to clean your tools and o effectively remove the remains of the dry acrylic paint left on your airbrush and brushes. It can also function as a lubricant when you want to leave and rest your airbrush for a couple of hours and want to keep the needle clean.

AK Perfect Acrylic Cleaner 100ml Bottle Hobby and Model Acrylic Paint #119
 AK Interactive # aki119
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AK Interactive Item # aki119
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Spotlight Review

"Better than awesome"
I've not had a cleaner like before. It does wonders for an airbrush. You can airbrush for awhile and if you need to stop for something. Just put a little bit in and brush your bowl and blow it out. You can come back in a couple of hours and start back. Not worrying about breaking down your brush. If you don't have it you better get it. I'm about to order 3 or 4 more. Plus you can let your regular brushes in a bowl or whatever and soak. They'll be better than ever. I highly recommend this product. It's awesome

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  • AK Product Number: 119

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"Great product"
Excellent product that is a must if using AK products.

All brushes, both airbrush and paintbrush, require thorough cleaning to ensure not only long life, but maximum performance during normal use. Clean hairs on either a synthetic or natural brush will load and lay down color more evenly if they are not covered by an inevitable shell of dried paint. While I simply use water as a standard brush cleaner during extended [wargames miniatures] painting sessions, I do prefer to close the session by deep cleaning the brush(es) used. AK Interactive's Perfect Cleaner has provided great performance as it carries out the loosening of dried paints and does so safely without harm to my Kolinsky Red Sable brushes. I used to never think about using a purposed cleaner for my brushes until one day It struck me to give it a try. Once I saw all of the old paint being loosened and lifted away from the metal ferrule end of the brush's hairs, I was a new found believer. Airbrushes are even more cut and dry, they will simply not work when clogged by solidified, residual paint. I spray both AK Interactive as well as Vallejo acrylics [through a Badger Patriot 105] switching through multiple paint colors in extended painting sessions, and I have seen no failures in Perfect Cleaner to perform as needed. I use Badger Air-Brush Co.'s demonstrated method [as per Ken Schlotfeldt] for cleaning by running waters and cleaners through without an further disassembly other than removal and wipe down of the needle. Happy painting

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