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This is the best thing for painting miniatures. It's a great size also. Not too big but small enough that it's not going to get in the way. Comes with extra foam and paper but no wipe. The p....
I got this kit awhile back. Just put it with some others and would work my way to it. Man when I opened it up it blew me away. Detail,clean,a ton or extras. It kinda reminds me of a gen2 from dragon. ....
I got this kit from a buddy that ordered it awhile ago from hobbylinc. I really like the kit. The gun you'll really need to take your time. Check the front of the box and it'll help you get ....
I've got the other two that's this size and I really like them. The handle towards the brush is the biggest of the three. It has a nice point and feels good....
Tip looks good. Nice point. Good feeling handle. I've got 87048 and I've really like it. I don't have a doubt that I'll like this also.....
It's a old motorized kit. Just an average kit to me. Low piece count. Don't get me wrong it can be a great looking kit if you put the time and a few extras into it. First academy kit. I got ....
This is a nice fitting kit. I'm in the process of building and I've not had a problem. The details are crisp and clean. Hardly any flash if any. What I've built there's been no fla....
It has great detail on the guys. The folds on the clothes are just awesome. In my opinion. I've only got one together. Everything went together pretty easy. This is my first mini art kit.....
Straight forward build that's quite easy. Hardly any flash and a great fit. The extras are great. The gun is a nice touch to it. The figures are a bit smaller than a dragon 1/35 scale kit. It&apo....
It's a great and easy build. Everything went together perfectly as you expect with tamiya products. Tons of extras. I've not painted yet. But I'm leaving the bed off so I can airbrush i....
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