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LiPo 2S 7.4V 5000mAh 20C Uni Plug System
Product Number: VNR1555
Manufacturer: Venom
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  • Product Information

This is the Venom Power 20C 5000mAh 7.4V LiPo Battery with the Venom Universal Plug System.

Product Features
  • For car usage.
  • Venom Universal Four Plug System allows connectivity between today' four most common battery plugs, Tamiya, Traxxas, Deans and EC simply attach desired plug to Venom plug on battery's wire leads.
  • Balance connector.
Product Specifications
  • Length: 5.4" (137mm)
  • Width: 1.7" (44mm)
  • Height: 0.94" (24mm)
  • Weight: 9.7oz (275g)
  • Lead Wire Size: 12 AWG
  • Lead Wire Length: 3.2" (82mm) approximate
  • Charge Rate: 5.0 Amps (1C)
  • Discharge Rate: 100 Amps
  • Max Volts Per Cell: 4.2V
  • Max Pack Voltage: 4.8V
  • Min. Discharge Volts: 6.0V
What's Included

One Venom Power 20C 5000mAh 7.4V LiPo Battery with Tamiya, Traxxas, Deans and EC3 plugs

  • A charger with balancing capabilities
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Manufacturer Comments
  • ALWAYS use a LiPo-approved charger.
  • ALWAYS use a LiPo Cell Balancer.
  • NEVER Charge over 4.20V per cell.
  • NEVER Charge at currents greater than 1C.
  • NEVER Charge through the "To ESC or "DISCHARGE" lead.
  • NEVER Trickle Charge.
  • NEVER allow to Discharge below 2.5V per cell.
  • NEVER disassemble or modify pack wiring in any way or puncture cells.
  • NEVER place on combustible materials or leave unattended durin Charging.
  • ALWAYS charge in a fireproof location.
  • ALWAYS set charger's output volts to match battery volts.
  • ALWAYS keep out of reach of children.
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