Zap-A-Gap CA+ 1/2 oz

Excellent Gap-Filling Super-Glue.

Pacer Zap-A-Gap CA+ 1/2 oz Hobby and Craft CA Super Glue #pt03
 Pacer Glues # paapt03
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Pacer Glues Item # paapt03
Features :
  • Allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning.
  • Cures in 20 seconds.
  • Accelerate with KICKER (paapt15).
  • Bonds anything, even oily surfaces!
  • Works best on: Metal, Wood, Rubber, Pottery, Most Plastics, Aluminum, Ceramic.
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Spotlight Review

"Excellent gkue"
Works as a glue or a filler. Best product for the painted to painted parts. Based on the picture you might think you will get 3 products, but only the medium glue is supplied.

Product Rank


"Zap-A-Gap CA"
N. Harper (Winter Haven, FL)
A friend told me about this product and I must say I have enjoyed using it. A word of caution; don't get it on your skin.

"Excellent product"
I have used Zap-A-Gap for many years and love it. I use it as a gap filler mainly and a glue secondary. It does wonderful filling gaps with a minimum of mess, also a good glue but CA glues are not as strong as plastic glues. If your just starting out with modeling, I suggest a bottle of Zap-A-Gap and a bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement.

"Beauty of CA+"
isaackeller90 (Somerset, MA)
Great to have a must have really when trying to quickly make a bond between two small 1/35 scale pieces. Having some kicker along side this can sometimes be handy as well if really in a hurry, ahh CA the options it presents cant forget a bit of debonder.