Modern US Individual Load-Carrying Equipment

This is the 1/35 Scale Modern US Military Individual Load-Carrying Equipment Plastic Model Military Accessory by Meng Models.

Meng Modern US Individual Load-Carrying Equipment Plastic Model Military Accessory 1/35 #sps15
 Meng Model Kits # mgksps15
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Meng Model Kits Item # mgksps15
Specifications :
  • Meng Product Number: SPS15
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Spotlight Review

"nice items, but soft plastic straps"
This kit is composed of three sprues: one of hard plastic boxes, helmets bags and so forth, and then two of rubbery straps also molded in sand color. I'm familiar with the real items and so these are pretty good, even down to having separate pack frames, but I worry about the rubbery straps. Tenax does seem to melt the material, although it does not feel as strong as with hard plastic, and I am quite concerned about painting the soft bendable stuff. If the straps bend or are pushed the paint (depending upon how you do it) can start to flake off. I've been playing with trying to put a pack on a figure, but it's slow tricky work and I made the mistake of starting to paint the figure before adding the pack- which means I have to assemble the pack on the figure now, and then prime it all again. I'm not sure how the packs will look if made up to just be sitting along (like in a truck bed), but all the hard plastic bits and pouched and boxes are pretty good (although a major pain to paint in UCP). Still, for current US Army accessories they look good.

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