US Medium Tank M4A3E8 Sherman ''Easy Eight''

This is the 1/35 Scale M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Plastic Model Kit from Tamiya's 1/35 Military Miniature Series. Suitable for Age 14 & Older.:

Tamiya US Medium Tank M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Plastic Model Military Vehicle Kit 1/35 #35346
 Tamiya # tam35346
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Tamiya Item # tam35346
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1/35
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Spotlight Review

"Another Fine Kit"
This was my second Tamiya kit, and my first military build. It is hard to find anything to dislike about a Tamiya. Clean parts. Clear instructions. Nice tolerance between parts. Yes, you'll pay a little more for a Tamiya, but their kits are worth the extra money. One issue I encountered, which was in no way Tamiya's fault, was that the instructions called for XF-84 Dark Iron paint. My hobby store didn't keep anything above X-80. I looked XF-84 up on Tamiya's site, but didn't want to pay shipping charges for a couple dollops of paint. Once I realized it was used on the spare links for the tracks, and my tracks would be muddied up so you couldn't see the color, I just used Testors Gun Metal for the spare links. The only other issue was that there were two small pieces that were supposed to go on the inner front fenders. I didn't have enough clearance between the tracks and the body of the tank to position them correctly so I just left them off. It still looks nice without them. The third issue was all on me! I got ahead of myself and put mud on the body where the decals belonged, so I had to use some creative techniques and just use the part of the decal that would show from behind the mud. If you choose to dirty it up, remember: DECALS FIRST! All in all this was a very enjoyable kit.

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  • Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in olive drab and clear.:
  • Accurately captures WWII M4A3E8 with sloped front armor sheet 76mm gun and HVSS suspension.:
  • Faithfully reporduces surface textrues of cast metal turret an welded areas.:
  • Depicts T66 single-pin tracks.:
  • Commander torso figure.:
  • Waterslide decals.:
  • Illustrated instructions.:


  • Scale: 1/35


One plastic model:

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Assembly:
  • Modeling Knife (EXL16001) (XACX3627) (EXL16018)
  • Cement for plastics :
  • Sprue Cutter (XUR410A) (TES8940) (EXL55594)
  • Paint (Olive Drab, Black, Red, Gunmetal, Chrome Silver, Semi-Gloss Black, Flat Black, Flat White, Flat Flesh, Metallic Gray, Buff, Desert Yellow, Dark Yellow, Red Brown, Dark Iron, Rubber Black)
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"Perfect for anyone"
Love this model. I've gotta get some of the allies bag set from tamiya. You need that to really make a great product. But it's also perfect the way it is. No flash basically fell together with no problems. I'd love some other tracks for it but that's just me. I'll get another sometime later for a diaroma. Great kit.

"easy 8 is great"
got to be the best e8 kit I have ever built, Tamiya hit a homerun with this one, great fits on assembly for vinyl tracks the look great this one is a must

"This is a HUGE step up from previous Shermans"
Tamiya has outdone themselves with this one. This is a new tool and it shows. The kit is superb. The fit is excellent and I am so glad the bathtub hull is a thing of the past. The main gun's barrel is slide molded so it looks sharp and is simple to get looking really good. This kit still has the rubber band tracks but the Sherman normally had quite a bit of tension in the tracks so there really is no need to create any sag. Of all the Sherman kits out there, this is simply one of the best there is. There are no needless steps just to increase the part count and the kit looks excellent. Tamiya has been the best in the game for years and this is one of their best to date.


  • One decal sheet with markings for 2 versions::
  • 1) 5th Armored Division, Germnay, April 1945:
  • 2) 4th Armored Division, Bastogne, Belgium, January 1945:

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