Deciduous Tree Armatures

This is a Bag of 5 -7 Tree Armatures (12 Deciduous) from Woodland Scenics.

Woodland Deciduous Tree Armatures 5 -7 (12) Model Railroad Tree #tr1123
 Woodland Scenics # wootr1123
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Woodland Scenics Item # wootr1123
Specifications :

Height: 5" - 7" (12.7cm - 17.8cm)

  • Woodland Product Number: TR1123
  • Walthers Product Number: 785-TR1123
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Spotlight Review

"A must-have..."
jdw3rd (Rhode Island)
Woorland Scenics Deciduous Tree Armatures are a must-have. Bend and twist them with the help of a small craft torch and then spray paint them with a textured paint like those made for outdoor furniture. Once dry apply clump foliage one branch at a time... For best results use a mix of similar foliage colors - not just one color. For winter scenes use sparse fall foliage or none at all. With a spray bottle of 50/50 white glue spray ONE SIDE of the tree and then press into a box of Woodland Scenics Flake Snow. Do this to several trees and orient them so the heaviest coat of snow faces the same direction for that after the blizzard look....

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  • Landscaping material for adding color, texture, and realism to terrain contours on your model layout.
  • Dark brown molded plastic.
  • Easily bendable.
  • Use the bases provided for standing the tree, or make a hole in your layout to place the tree in.
  • Various types and sizes.
  • Use on any scale.
  • Complete instructions (on package) make it easy to use and virtually foolproof.


Height: 5" - 7" (12.7cm - 17.8cm)

  • Woodland Product Number: TR1123
  • Walthers Product Number: 785-TR1123


12 Tree Armatures (Deciduous)

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Clump-Foliage or Fine-Leaf Foliage
  • Hob-e-Tac
  • Scenic Cement
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"Easy convenient alternative to scratchbuilt wire armatures"
These are a great alternative to making your own wire armatures. All branches and even the main trunk are easily bendable to help achieve uniqueness from one tree to the next. I recommend dry brushing on a light-grey to highlight the texture of the plastic. One drawback is that there are a few small raised circles on the plastic of the main trunk (from the manufacturing process I imagine). These imperfections won't be too noticeable with foliage attached but one could always scrape them down. Attaching foliage is an easy process with Hob-E-Tac or Sticky Bond adhesive. If you've used those adhesives do not spray Scenic Cement on the foliage afterwards since it will cause everything to fall off! I've used Woodland Scenics Underbrush, Bushes Clump Foliage, Scenic Express Super Turf, and lichens as foliage on these but Bushes Clump Foliage or lichens is probably best suited for the job. Note: it's best to tear up the lichens into smaller loose bits before attaching. Using torn up lichen bits on these and the more dense Bushes/Underbrush Foliage as ground vegetation is a great combo. With a bit of glue or hot glue the small pin at the base does a pretty good job at anchoring itself into a groundwork base of spackling or plaster.

"Cheaper, often better than pre-made"
DJF (Cobourg Ontario Canada)
I'm rarely satisfied with the cheaper pre-made deciduous trees. I find these, though more time consuming, better than all but the highest quality pre-made trees. You can put as much effort as you like into shaping them. It may take some practice getting your shaping of the armatures to look realistic: look at some pics of real trees to get an idea!

"good item"
good item made some larger trees the limbs could have a few more some bare spots added more foliage there


To learn more tips and techniques, using Woodland Scenics products, read "The Scenery Manual" (WOOU1507).