'62 Chevy Impala Convertible

This is the 1/25 scale '62 Chevy Impala Convertible plastic model car kit from AMT/ERTL.

AMT 62 Chevy Impala Convertible Plastic Model Car 1/25 Scale #1355
 AMT/ERTL # amt1355
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AMT/ERTL Item # amt1355
Features :
  • Skill level 2
  • Molded in white/clear/clear red/chrome
  • When built the model is 8 inches long
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Spotlight Review

"A very nice kit, even with the problems!"
frankeva (Milwaukee, WI)
My goodness, what is this world coming to? I'm giving a thumbs up to an AMT kit! Pinch me, please! Let me start by saying that when the kit went together just so nicely, I was flabbergasted! However, it isn't quite perfect, as there is a lengthy list of problems that might give you pause to reconsider. I'll try to follow the order of the instructions: The engine was pretty good, with choices of accessories. I chose to go with the custom parts, and this necessitated cutting an appropriate size hole in the hood. The hole was started during the mold process, and the modeler uses his favorite scribe to complete the cuts. The only real problem with the engine bay is using the smaller of the 2 marked holes. This led to problems with the accessories later on - they didn't fit the smaller hole very well, and were off-centered. This required, not a further opening of the hood since that was a finished piece and I did not want to ruin it, which I surely would have, but rather a removal and reinstalling of the accessories so that they fit in the space I had made and lined up a bit better - I'll display the model with the hood closed (wink). Step 7 - chassis. If you don't glue the 2 part 25s, the tires can be individually positioned later. The engine could have used some actual device to align and mount it to the chassis. As an aid, get out the exhaust parts and temporarily insert them into the locating holes. This will help you determine the correct position of the engine so that the manifolds fall right into place with the exhaust pipes. Step 6 - interior. Be careful with the stick shift. Mine had some flash, and it's also very fragile. Exert too much pressure in removing the flash, and it could break - as me how I know this. Step 11 - positioning of the battery - the base should have been molded to match the battery. Step 13 - exhaust. It fits and looks great. I would have preferred that the tips pointed out instead of up. Step 16 - the hood. The plastic here is a bit too thin to fully hide the bracing and insulation underneath, which disfigured the top of the hood. Step 19 - the clear red taillights. They were simply unusable. Not only were they somewhat flashed, but they looked so poorly molded that I could not tell for sure which end faced out. Step 20 - front end. Part 502 was useless, as fit was poor, and it did not conform easily to the extension on the hood. Parts 60 and 61 - optional hinges. These were very nicely molded and would probably have worked well and looked great if there had been appropriate size slots in the firewall to accommodate them. Next step - decals. Very nice, but with a major error on the Impala logos that are supposed to appear on the rear side clips. Unfortunately, the passenger side was printed wrong, so that it did not match the badge on the car body. Because of this, I was forced to remove the good decal. It's no wonder there is nothing in the instructions about the decals for this area. Ever thought of correcting the error instead of trying to hide it, Round 2? All in all, the problems I detailed above can be corrected to a certain extent, and the car does look wonderful when complete. So, I recommend it if you're sufficiently skilled to handle its problem areas.

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  • Skill level 2
  • Molded in white/clear/clear red/chrome
  • When built the model is 8 inches long


  • AMT Product Number: 1355


  • 116 parts
  • Metal axels whit black vinyl tires
  • Colorful decal sheet

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Paint and glue is required
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