1932 Ford Sedan Delivery Truck, Coca-Cola

This is the 1/25 scale Coca Cola 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery Truck plastic model car vehicle kit from MPC by Ertl.

MPC 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery Truck, Coca-Cola Plastic Model Car Vehicle Kit 1/25 Scale #902
 MPC by Ertl # mpc902
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MPC by Ertl Item # mpc902
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Spotlight Review

"Difficult ending."
First I want to state that I consider my modeling skills in the novice-ameteur area. This kit started strong for me but ended in frustration. Upon opening the box, everything was packaged nicely with everything still attached to the sprue. The clear parts were nice and clear, and oddly the rest of the plastic was molding in black and some in white. The chrome was a major clean up effort. Attachment points, and flash on the chrome bits seemed heavy compared to the rest of the styrene. Test fitting parts is always a good practice to get into when modeling. This kit was no exception. Had I not test fitting over and over, my copy of this kit would have not gone together. All the sub assemblies looked great when finished but even after test fitting in the beginning, it went down hill. The instruction sheet was a little on the lacking side as there were some extra parts in the kit that I had no idea what they went to, some I did. This was frustrating to me, so I can only imagine a young model builder just starting out having a negative experience. Pros of this kit are: Great decal sheet, extra parts. Cons of this kit are: Lacking instruction sheet, Heavy attachment points on the chrome parts, Fitment of parts and subassemblies. Overall, this kit was just, OK. You will need to have some modeling skills for this kit. I really had trouble with that window not fitting, all the chrome attachment points, the fitment at the end. It come out ok, but there were many times I had to walk away from it before it got worse. Hope this helps.

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  • MPC Product Number: 902

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"Next build"
Drayooo (Live Oak, Fl)
Bought this model couple weeks ago it's next in line have the box open looks like it's going to be a fun build slowly collecting the coke cola series

"Rewarding Challenge"
Leisure (Lansing, KS)
This kit, at least for me, was a challenge. I would not recommend this kit for a beginner (not that I'm an expert). As stated in another review, directions were not clear, mounting points for parts were scarce and extra parts that I had no idea what they were. It also took a lot of test fitting/sanding/trimming to get some parts to fit to my liking. That being said, sometimes that's just part of the hobby. I'd like to add more one thing. Because of some of the challenges I mentioned above, this kit took me on a totally different path of creativity to try something I had never done before, which is reflected in the pics I submitted. PROS: I can say I made this! CONS: I'm running out of display space!

"Tough build"
Tex Jester
A year ago I picked up modeling as a mental exercise after shattering my knee - something I haven't done since the 70s. Amateur, I am! In this time, I've learned a lot - and that's what saved this kit. I was building for my 80 year old mother to display; she has drunk Coca Cola since the 1940s. I spent more time trimming off flashing than I did waiting for paint to dry and actual assembly! And the chrome was the worst. Fitment didn't fit. The tie rod ends were off by almost 30° - I had to cut the ends off and fashion a new one to get the ends even. The steering wheel had a bent spoke - finally got it mostly straight. Driveshaft was too long - had to trim several millimeters out of the middle to get the engine to sit properly. The radiator hose wasn't included on any of the sprues, nor was there a place for it. Pros: the chrome is BRIGHT - best wear shades! And there's lots of chrome in this kit. There's a supercharger option with a choice of velocity stacks and a ram air scoop, along with a hood with cutouts - but no instructions. The wheels are nice, and you have a choice of the mags like on the box or wire wheels. The decal sheet is as big as the box, and has literally DOZENS of Coke logos! Save it for other kits! Cons: FLASHING! I think a quarter of the weight of the kit is flash. Fitment is LOUSY. Instructions aren't very clear - I'm glad I know what things around an engine are supposed to look like... This kit is NOT for beginners. Pictures are going to have to wait until I can take the big rubber band holding the body to the frame while the glue sets solid. It came out nice; I attribute much of this to the paint. The black molding helped get a deeper red from the fire engine red I used for the fender, which came out NICE. Taking my time let the kit come out better than it should have, given the shoddy nature of the castings.

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