'77 Ford Cruising Van 2T

This is the 1/25 Scale 1977 Ford Cruising Van Plastic Model Vehicle Kit by AMT.

AMT 77 Ford Cruising Van 2T Plastic Model Car Kit 1/25 Scale #1108
 AMT/ERTL # amt1108
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AMT/ERTL Item # amt1108
Features :

1/25 Scale, Pre-Lettered Firestone Tires, Swiveling Seats, Opening Hood, Detailed Engine

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Spotlight Review

"Fun build!"
Very few problems with fit and finish. Pretty easy build.

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1/25 Scale, Pre-Lettered Firestone Tires, Swiveling Seats, Opening Hood, Detailed Engine


  • AMT Product Number: 1108


One Plastic Model

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"I will build this again"
I’ll be building this one again. It gave me fits so I put it aside for a while. It’s not the fault of the kit, I probably wasn’t in the right frame of mind. It’s a good kit with possibilities unlimited. Little bit of flash, especially on the chrome. It’s a great build. Just take your time.

"Very Detailed Model"
Kent Anderson (North Port)
AMT did a really good job on the details of this model. You can build it in any fashion you desire, just like back in the day you could order a vehicle to your liking from the factory. I would suggest assembling the floor to the chassis before painting to make sure it's flat and even. It's a lot of heavy plastic to try to pull to form otherwise. The interior is extremely well done and can be fun to customize it with wood grain on the door panels and dash, which was what the Chateau package included.

"Great Ford van kit."
So here is a great re-pop of the original 77 Ford Cruising Van. This was molded in a metallic silver color, clear, and red plastic. It also came with a great chrome tree featuring the, what I believe, are the original hub caps to this year of truck/van. It also comes with 4 great pad printed tires and a very colorful decal sheet with 2 options of striping for this van. The instruction sheet is minimalistic and would be, I feel, pretty tough for a beginner modeler to follow with no number call outs. One nice thing about the instruction sheet is that it does list the factory colors for this year of van, if you don't want to build the cruising van. Build up was uneventful and required the usual clean up. My copy didn't have much flash to worry about and built pretty quick. I did build the motor and use it, but glued the hood down and treated it like a shelf model as there is not a lot of space under the hood. I suppose if one was so inclined, they could cut the doghouse, and doors open for added detail. The model was painted with rustoleum primer with Tamiya Chrome Silver, and Black for the base coat, and followed by rustoleum rattle can clear coat. The decals were applied with a lot of decal setting solution and solvent before the clear coat. The decals...are not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. In my research, I found the paint option I chose on the brochure picture only, and couldn't find any factory example of the paint scheme I choose online. Every one I found online was like the box art. So I decided to challenge myself. To get those black panels on the side of the van, you need to cut out the pinstripe decal to make a mask and pray you got it right. After that the 3 colored stripe decals where next and really didn't like to be worked a whole lot. However, I did get it done but just not as good as I would have liked. After all the decal work, the clear was sprayed and some of the decals didn't react well to the clear. At this point I was just happy to have it done and didn't polish it like I normally do. Pros to this kit are, 1. Pad printed tires and stock hub caps. 2. A fantastic model when finished. 3. One piece mirrors. Cons of this kit are, 1. Decals not for the inexperienced. 2. A short shot passenger window. 3. Bottom of front window hitting dash and required extensive sanding in final stages. I would recommend getting one of these for your stash. Even if you didn't want to build the cruising van, it builds into a great cargo/delivery machine.