ME 410B-2/U4 Heavy Fighter

This is the 1/48 Scale ME 410B-2/U4 Heavy Fighter by Meng Models.

Meng ME 410B-2/U4 Heavy Fighter Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/48 Scale #ls001
 Meng Model Kits # mgkls001
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Meng Model Kits Item # mgkls001
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Spotlight Review

"Luftwaffe heavy hitter"
Let me start out by saying that this model is not for beginners. Let me follow that up by saying that it makes up into a fantastic looking model if one has the proper skill level in construction and painting. The biggest downside to me was the decal sheet. Nothing wrong with the decal quality but as it stands one was only presented with a single Luftwaffe option, Meng choosing its second example, a post war Russian scheme. Unless you really really like obscure Russian operated aircraft you may also be disappointed. There are many after market decal sheets and accessories around for this model. Construction was fairly straight forward. The instruction book is quite nice with only a couple of areas of slight confusion as to piece placement. I always look through the instructions before starting as it is rare that I follow the building order as laid out. The trickiest part of the build involves the canopy. Due to Meng's decision to provide you with canopy options, open or closed, and the rather complex curvature, it is a bit tricky to assemble. I purchased canopy painting masks for both the interior and exterior, incredibly valuable for this project. The cockpit is excellent, lots of detail but once again be very careful. Many delicate pieces that can be easily damaged, even in removing them from the sprue. Luftwaffe colour schemes are a challenge and I always find mottling, which the Germans loved, a fun challenge. If you do not have an air brush, I have found that a trip to the art supply store to pick up pastels can be beneficial. Simply grind them into a fine powder and then with a paint brush you can apply your mottling with great effect. Should you choose to take on the challenge of building this kit, my number one suggestion is, take your time. I put approx. 45 hours into mine. I can recommend this kit for the modeller with advanced skills. It makes a wonderful addition to anyone's Luftwaffe collection and while it was not built in great numbers, those that were built performed well and two thumbs up to Meng for doing justice to this bird. Other than improperly shaped props (easily fixed with a bit of sanding to remove the pointed tips) and prop spinners that are too stubby, they have done an excellent job.

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  • Meng Product Number: LS001

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