1968 Camaro Z/28

This is the 1/25 Scale 1968 Camaro Z/28 Plastic Model Kit from AMT. Suitable for Ages 10 & Up.

AMT 1968 Camaro Z/28 Plastic Model Car Kit 1/25 Scale #868_12
 AMT/ERTL # amtamt868_12
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AMT/ERTL Item # amtamt868_12
Features :
  • Multiple motor intake options
  • Stock and custom hood options
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Spotlight Review

"Solidly meh. *shrugs*"
It's a pretty accurate looking kit, and the final product looks decent, and it has a nice selection of custom parts with it. The decal sheet was also pretty decent for choices. Now for the drawbacks... There was a lot of flash on the parts trees, but no biggie there. The bigger criticisms I have are that there's no exterior side mirror in the kit, so I scavenged one from my spare parts of other kits. The big flaw was that the front and rear roll pans were severely bowed in backwards. Luckily, just gluing them into place tweaked them into the proper shape. The badging on the exterior was pretty shallow too, so that was hard to detail. Found the engine bay rather lacking in detail, and the instructions leave parts out, so consult the pics of the professionally built ones on the box. Just a very so-so kit.

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  • Multiple motor intake options
  • Stock and custom hood options


  • AMT Product Number: AMT868_12
  • Skill Level 2


  • Full color decals


"OK but could benefit from some aftermarket parts"
I rated this kit as good because it is old but it’s a good foundation. I built this kit twice, once stock and the as a street custom. To start out you get eight very nice pad printed white letter tires and the wheels are good. The body is molded very nicely and the fit of the front and rear floor pans (valances) were so good one I didn’t bother sanding one and the other got minor sanding. The parts do have some flash, one of my kits was pretty clean and the other had quite a bit more but cleaned up well. The interior is a bit soft on details but with some brush or marker detailing comes out pretty respectable. I’d say the engine is the weakest link of the kit, built as stock it’s not terrible but going the custom route it looks more Toyish. The headers are multi piece so good luck getting them to align perfectly. The dual carbs are little more than plastic bumps and the velocity stacks don’t look too realistic. I decided not to use the side pipes because I felt CA glue would fail with the slightest bump as there’s no real attachment slots or pins for them. The decals in this kit were too fragile. They easily flaked apart and just flat out broke making the bend on the spoiler. My final take on this kit is as a stock version it builds into a nice representation but would benefit from after market decals. As a custom street version it would benefit from a resin engine and whatever else you could add to detail up.

"I love the 60's"
I've been wanting to get all the early model Camaro kits and this 68 was the last piece of the puzzle and now I have done it I have all the 60's model years and all the Split Bumper kits produced. Now to build them all.

"Not happy with this one."
The kit I got has tons of extra plastic on all the parts. It's a lot of work trimming and sanding all the parts except the body and the chrome. I put it to the side and will do a little at a time while I work on another model