Extra Thin Cement 40 ml

Extra-thin plastic model cement with applicator brush. Used to glue parts already held together. The thin glue will wick into the joint for a firm bond.

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement 40 ml Plastic Model Cement #87038
 Tamiya # tam87038
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Tamiya Item # tam87038
Features :

Excellent for plastic models (polystyrene plastic).

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"Sets the Standard"
Colter G. (MO)
Tamiya Extra Thin Model Cement is hard to beat. Its been my go to for years and stands head and shoulders above the regular tube cement. As its name suggests it's very thin and can creep into areas unlike tube cement due to its capillary action. It's almost worth the price you pay just for the precise applicator brush you get in the bottle, not to mention a bottle of this stuff will last you nearly forever.

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Excellent for plastic models (polystyrene plastic).


40 ml.

  • Tamiya Product Number: 87038

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"Puts gluing to ease..."
I recently bought this glue from Tamiya, and it made gluing the very small parts that you can't really put on with the large tubes of cement glue. This also made it very easy to use as you have to only dip the brush (attached to the cap by the way) and just start gluing away. In addition, another reason why I love this is because, when you put on the glue, it really doesn't leave no real signs of glue which is useful to having glue seep out of cracks.

"Gluing small parts made easy"
OK, Tamiya gives you a brush which you['ll probably never use with this glue. Not even a drop is needed for most applications considering what applications this type of glue is intended for. I simply touch the tip of the brush onto a seam and the glue will fill the seam in. Then I clamp the piece tightly with a padded clamp and let it sit for a few days. It sands just as well as regular Tamiya Cement. These Tamiya Cements make life so much easier.

"excellent glue, evaporates fast, stinks"
The Ultra Thin glue dries fast and forms a good bond on bare plastic. I use it when I need a glue that will flow along a join and dry fast. As with most glues, it makes a poor bond on painted or chromed surfaces. If you forget to screw the lid on tight after use, it does evaporate quickly. I would rather use this excellent glue and get a good join while putting up with a little stink than any of the others that have a reduced smell and don't bond well.

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