1966 Penguin

This is the 1/8 Scale 1966 Penguin Plastic Model Kit from Moebius. Suitable for Ages 15 & Older.

Moebius 1966 Penguin Plastic Model Celebrity 1/8 Scale #953
 Moebius Models # moe953
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Moebius Models Item # moe953
Features :
  • Completed kit is 9.5'' high
  • Batcave rock display base and nameplate
  • Skill level 3
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Spotlight Review

"Quack, quack, I'm the Penguin Batman!"
rkoenn (Brandon, FL)
I picked up this kit from Frank of Moebius at a September contest in Orlando soon after it was released. I also got a pre-release Robin kit from Frank as a treat before it was formally released. They were the next two in the Batman TV show series from Moebius of which I had already built Batman and Catwoman. Him and Robin went on the bench almost immediately after. This is another great kit and goes nicely with the previous two. As with all Moebius kits the fit, finish, and likeness are great. This one allows for posing him with the umbrella folded or opened and they are interchangeable. One thing to note is be very careful to locate the very small plastic monocle in the plastic bag as it is very easy to discard by accident. Again, highly recommended and now I anxiously await the final three of the planned set of kits in this series.

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  • Completed kit is 9.5'' high
  • Batcave rock display base and nameplate
  • Skill level 3


  • Moebius Product Number: 953

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"A great addition, but some problems"
jmabry26757 (Romney,WV)
This is my third review of the kits in the 1966 television series Batman. As I wrote in my reviews of the Batman and Robin kits this is my way of getting back into the hobby slowly as I lost everything in a house fire. I primered the pieces with flat white and used craft paint from Wal-Mary because of availability in my area. I was very impressed with the detail of this kit, as it looks just like Burgess Meredith, who played The Penguin in the series. I was also impressed that they took into account the weight of the umbrella, and had his right hand trapped inside the right arm halfs instead of just being glued together. The kit had the option of using either an open or closed umbrella, and had metal rods hidden inside the hand and umbrella to hold the weight. I chose the closed umbrella because I thought that an open umbrella would hide the later kits in my display in the future, but I do have the option of changing it at any time. But there were a few problems with this kit. I had to clamp the right hand halfs and the closed umbrella halfs together as they were warped. The biggest problem is the painting instructions are incomplete. There is no mention of the colors for his hands or the umbrella. I used the box art and decided to paint his hands white, and the umbrella black. I also had to use the box art to figure out how to paint the penguin figure on the base. But I'm spite of these problems this is a outstanding kit and is a great addition to the series. I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the kits in the future.

"1966 penguin"
amazing detail to this kit. as with the other models in this series they are well sculpted. i can not wait for the rest of the series.

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