Modern British Army (32)

This is the 1/72 Scale Plastic Model Military Figure of the Modern British Army (32) by Pegasus Models.

Pegasus Modern British Army (32) Plastic Model Military Figure 1/72 Scale #c060
 Pegasus Hobbies # pghc060
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Pegasus Hobbies Item # pghc060
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Spotlight Review

"Decent set with a few flaws"
Normally I'm a big fan of Caesar; their quality's usually great. But this set is not one of their best. Some of the poses are almost useless for certain purposes, including wargaming, like the guy jumping over a wall. Other poses are just completely messed up - like the guy standing and shooting. His posture is completely wrong, and he's holding the gun as if he's never seen one before. Plus I got some inexplicable figure that does not match any pose in the set. He doesn't have a helmet and one of his arms is just a stump. All these flaws detract from the set, but it's still got its good points, as well. The figures are historically accurate, as far as I can tell, but ambiguous enough that the figures can fit in a period anywhere from 2004-2010. There's a nice diversity of standing, kneeling, and prone figures, as well as a pretty good array of weapons, mostly standard L85A2s, but also the LSW variant, sniper rifles, and LAW 80s. So the sculpting's not great and some of the poses just make you scratch your head, but its a pretty well-researched and detailed set.

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"Caesar Modern British army"
mikeschell (Newcastle Ontario)
Excellent detail and accuracy. Easy to remove from the sprue. Only real complaint is with one pose. 3 figures all climbing the same wall are a little difficult to use, unless one needs practice painting.

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