Korean War Set (4 Armies)

This is the 1/72 Scale Korean War Figure Set from the IMEX World History Series Suitable for Ages 6 & Older.

Imex Korean War Set (4 Armies) Plastic Model Military Figure 1/72 Scale #611
 Imex Model Co # imx611
Retail $36.95  SAVE 21% !
Imex Model Co Item # imx611
Specifications :

Scale: 1:72 (25mm)

  • Imex Product Number: 611
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Spotlight Review

"Great value"
This is an absolutely superior deal from Hobbylinc 48.00 worth of six packs of individual troops for a discount of 20.00. Only negative on the figure themselves is that there are far too many casualty and figures surrendering in relation to the numbers of figures. Other than this, one of the few offerings on the Korean war.

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  • 4 complete sets of accurately reproduced Korean War figures molded in a variety of fully assembled, action poses.
  • Injection molded with finely detailed facial expressions.
  • Meticulous uniform, equipment and weapon details.
  • Unpainted with illustrated painting guide on package.
  • White, vacuum-formed diorama base.


Scale: 1:72 (25mm)

  • Imex Product Number: 611


  • (100) US Army Figures
  • (50) Republic of Korea Troops Figures
  • (50) Chinese People's Liberation Army Figures
  • (106) North Korean K.P.A. Figures


"korean war set"
real good set by imex 4 different army set's for great price recommend buying this set .

"Great set of figures (and a vacuform base) for a great price."
I concur with the other review on this- this is a great deal. Normally these little fellows go for about $10 for about 50 guys. Here you pay less than $30 and you get nearly 300 guy, or 6 box at half price plus a vacu form base. Soldiers include 2 sets of Americans, 1 South Korean, 2 North Korean and 1 kit of Chinese. The vacu-form base is really a small hillside depression with a stream or road running down the middle, not the most impressive but a nice extra in an already generous deal. The little soldiers are very good. These little guys are in hard plastic. They have almost no flash that I can see, are well detailed, and many are multi-part. No real problems with the multi-part figures as the parts generally fit well together and the results are very good (I especially like the American flamethrower) Be careful removing the figures from the sprue. Use clippers or you might break a few of these around the thinner parts of the plastic. A good review of these can be found on Plastic Soldier Review (North Korean review is here- http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=810 ). As mentioned previously, a few too many causalities and prisoners among the North Korean and Chinese forces and there are some dubious weapons choice (why the Americans come with a Bren gun and not a BAR?). But you get a nice mix of light and heavy weapons, many of the battles involved many causalities and some of these figures are really good, especially among the North Korean/Chinese. I compare these fellows favorably to Pegasus's hard plastic figures.

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