M1A1/A2 Tank (5 in 1)

This is a 1/35 Scale M1A1/A2 Abrams 5 in 1 Tank Plastic Model Kit from Trumpeter. Suitable for Ages 14 & Older.

Trumpeter M1A1/A2 Tank (5 in 1) Plastic Model Military Vehicle Kit 1/35 Scale #01535
 Trumpeter # tsm01535
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Trumpeter Item # tsm01535
Features :

Molded in gray plastic with many intricate details Scale model for adult collectors Two figures Waterslide decals Illustrated assembly guide.

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Spotlight Review

"Good M1 with lots of options"
rockykeele (Tucson, AZ)
Trumpeter's M1A1/A2 is a nice basic kit with lots of options. There are parts to build several M1A1s, with mine plow, with mine rollers and with river fording equipment. You get copper wire, small chains and string to give you details for the mine removal equipment. You can also build an early M1A2, which is what I chose. If you want to get a bit more exotic, you can build the turret-less mine removal vehicle. You also can choose from rubber band style tracks, or link and length style. The rubber band tracks suffered from a bit of flash around the edges, and it was nearly impossible to remove, so I went with the link and length. These also required work, as almost every pad had an ejector pin mark that needed filling. Several other parts also needed filling where ejector pin marks marred the surface. Putty was needed in several other places as well, but nothing to serious. This is one of Trumpeter's older kits from the year 2000, and it shows. The parts are not bad, but Trumpeter's newer kits are much cleaner. The kit offers clear plastic for most of the optics, and it actually works. I glued these in place with white glue, them painted the backside to simulate the sheen that you see on tank optics. The kit also offers two figures: a full commander figure and a half body driver/gunner. The only part of the kit that I really hated, was the crummy vinyl wheel caps. These were impossible to clean up, and did not fit well. You get to choose from decals for about 5 different tanks, depending on which version you choose. The painting instructions were a bit sparse, but there are plenty of photos on the internet. There are many newer kits of more modern M1s, but for the low price of this kit, and the many options you get, this is not a bad way to go if you are on a budget or just want to have a nice tank kit without braking the bank. Plus you get a bunch of left over parts that you can use in other projects. I had fun with this kit, and I think it turned out nice in the end. Recommended.

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Molded in gray plastic with many intricate details Scale model for adult collectors Two figures Waterslide decals Illustrated assembly guide.


  • Scale: 1/35
  • Parts: 616
  • Length: 12.28" (312mm)
  • Width: 5" (127mm)
  • Height: 4.33" (110mm)
  • Trumpeter Product Number: 01535


One plastic model

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Great Vale"
WyoGunfighter (Cheyenne)
If you're into armor this Abrams kit from Trumpeter might be for you. I've built it twice, and with a little bit of work you can build it into a nice representation of an Abrams or Panther II mine clearing vehicle. You can choose from A1 or A2, with and without mineroller or plow. If you build the Abrams be aware that the front of the turret on the left side has a flaw in that it is shaped incorrectly. It can be fixed with some styrene and putty, but if you want the turret accurately shaped, it takes a little work. This Trumpeter Abrams shows its age a little, but the value you get in the box is awesome. You can use all of the extra parts in the box on other Abrams builds.

Matthew M. (Orofino Id)
My first Trumpeter M1 The kit has very nice details and comes with two track options I like that I've built the old Dragon version M1A1 I have to say it's a very similar kit same track options rubber or plastic so I'm thinking this is the same kit molds as Dragon but under Trumpeter. Good fun enjoyable kit no obstacles to run into while assembly I wasn't interested in the mine roller or mine plow options. Those parts got tossed I was just interested in the basic M1A1 main battle tank instead overall great model kit.

I didn't expect this model kit still exist... A lot of options nice detailed big size Morden tank


  • One decal sheet with markings for 5 different versions
  • 1) M1A1HA
  • 2) M1A2
  • 3) M1A1HA with Mine roller
  • 4) M1A1HA with Twmp
  • 5) M1 Panther II