Liquid Plastic Cement 1oz

This is the Testors Liquid Plastic Cement 1oz plastic model and hobby cement.

Testors Liquid Plastic Cement 1oz Plastic Model and Hobby Cement #281215
 Testors # tes281215
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Testors Item # tes281215
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"Testor cement spills"
I've gone thru 2 bottles of this cement. The bottles tip over easily thus a big mess due to long brush. Go with tamilya cements

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  • Testors Product Number: 281215

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"Testors is excellent plastic cement"
Steve K (Ohio)
Testors, This is the only liquid plastic cement I use now. Mostly because it does the job. But also the nice brush in the cap and the price is not bad. I keep the bottle in a block of foam with a tight hole cut out in it so I don't spill it. I have spilled a bottle or two over the years.

"The good stuff"
I’ve always said that if you want a model to stay together then this is the glue you use. Super glue for instant set Testors orange tube if you need time to adjust the fit, five minute epoxy for metal etch or resin pieces and this if you don’t want pieces falling off.

"This is the best glue for plastic"
roblively1982 (Cantonment, Florida)
This stuff is the best. Tip: coat one piece, then the other, then the first one more time. They will stay stuck forever. Another tip: if you need a real good join, score the pieces at the joint, then do the above. Welded forever. Great stuff and dries fast.

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