Universal Head Siphon Bottom Feed Airbrush Set

The Model 200 NH bottom feed single action, internal mix airbrush offers the ease of single action operation while providing the fine spray pattern of internal mix paint atomization for professional results. The Model 200 NH will sprays inks, dyes, watercolors, gouaches, properly reduced acrylics, fabric paints, model paints, automotive lacquers and enamels, most ceramic stains and glazes, all of Badger airbrush ready paints. The simplicity of the Model 200 NH makes this the top choice for the advanced model painter or decorative stenciler. Also excellent air brush for painting posters, auto detailing and ceramics.

Badger Universal Head Siphon Bottom Feed Airbrush Set Airbrush and Airbrush Set #200-1
 Badger Airbrush Co. # bad200-1
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Badger Airbrush Co. Item # bad200-1
Specifications :

Compressor that produces at least 20 to 50 PSI.

  • Badger Product Number: 200-1
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Spotlight Review

"Really good beginner airbrush"
I got this airbrush on a whim because the price was really good. Opperating it is a breeze and disassembling for cleaning is equally as easy. I use this airbrush with acrylics and after learning how to properly thin the paint, found no troubles with the brush at all. Pros: uncomplicated, easy to clean, beginner friendly. Cons: lacks the control you can get with a double-action brush.

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  • Color cup and one-piece jar adaptor taper-fit for quick color change.
  • Self lubricating needle bearing enables continuous proper
  • paint flow and prevents needle wear. Single needle / Tip design
  • Head seal assures efficient air flow.
  • Non-slip, one-piece trigger.
  • Regulate the pre-set amount of color by turning a needle adjustment
  • screw at the back of the air brush handle. Once the desired paint flow is set the air brush will maintain the preset spray until the user chooses to change it.
  • The 200 NH will spray a pencil line to 2" spray pattern.


Compressor that produces at least 20 to 50 PSI.

  • Badger Product Number: 200-1


  • 200-1 Set contains 200 NH airbrush with general purpose nozzle / needle and attachable jar, protective cap, additional jar with cover, wrench for head, and instruction manual in a corrugated box.

Requirements & Suggestions

Air Source, Paint.

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"The Best for the Price"
johncpo41 (www.hobbiesinabarn)
I have been using this model airbrush since 2006 with great results. The airbrush is perfect for small detailing right up to the larger areas such as one color for a tank or aircraft. Going back over the model for a camouflage effect is just as easy, simply by reducing the paint flow pattern by threading the needle point tighter into the nozzle with the easy to adjust thumb and finger control. Cleanup is simple and effective, I place the entire airbrush in blue tint windshield wiper fluid which is just alcohol and water and run the solution through the airbrush still assembled. Then I take it apart and set the parts in the same bath. Since I use all craft type acrylic paints I get a good clean up each time. I run a small air compressor at about 20psi with the paint thinned to about 50% and have great looking results of the highest quality.


  • Parts List:
  • 50-001 Five Foot Air Hose
  • 50-0011 Eight Foot Air Hose (includes 50-023)
  • 50-2011 10 Ft. Air Hose (swivel connection both ends)
  • 50-2025 Moisture Filter (with 10 Ft. 50-2011 Hose)
  • 50-2014 Moisture Filter (only)
  • 50-010 Needle Chuck
  • 50-011 Handle
  • 51-0107 Shell (w/Needle Bearing)
  • 50-013 Valve Casing
  • 50-014 Plunger & “O” Ring
  • 50-0141 “O” Ring
  • 50-015 Valve Screw
  • 51-048 Needle
  • 50-019 Trigger
  • 50-020 Plunger Spring
  • 50-021 Air-Brush Holder
  • 51-073 Air-Brush Protective Cap
  • 50-023 ¼” Pipe Thread Fitting
  • 50-0241 Jar Cover Gasket (3 per package)
  • 51-009 Siphon Tube
  • 50-027 Needle Adjusting Screw
  • 50-029 Tire Adaptor
  • 41-043 Guarded Spray Regulator
  • 51-071 Head
  • 41-004 Tip
  • 50-036 Valve Assembly (complete 50-013/014/0141/015/020)
  • 50-046 Needle Bearing
  • 50-0482 ¼ oz. Color Cup
  • 50-0052 ¾ oz. Paint Jar w/Cover
  • 50-0053 2 oz. Paint Jar w/Cover
  • 50-111 Coupling Nut
  • 50-112 Coupling Nipple
  • 50-200 Propel Regulator Valve
  • 50-208 Jar Adaptor
  • 50-4011 10 Ft. Re-Coil Air Hose for Badger/Thayer Chandler
  • 50-4012 10 Ft. Re-Coil Air Hose for Paasche/Binks
  • 51-087 Trigger Pad

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