Deluxe Anthem Airbrush Set

The Model 155, "Anthem" is a bottom feed double action, internal mix airbrush. The Anthem is the most comfortable, reliable, proficient, cost effective, user friendly airbrush ever. The two angle needle tip precisely mates with the Anthem's cone shape nozzle enabling a single needle/nozzle variations. The Anthem's body design provides exacting balance and long term user comfort. The most rigorous of production airbrushing environments.

Badger Deluxe Anthem Airbrush Set Airbrush and Airbrush Set #155-7
 Badger Airbrush Co. # bad155-7
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Badger Airbrush Co. Item # bad155-7
Specifications :

Compressor that produces 30 to 50 PSI.

  • Badger Product Number: 155-7
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Spotlight Review

"works fantastic, expanded my modelling horizons"
i have had an airbrush in my youth, but it's long gone, and since i took up modelling again in my old age, really missed it. this is advanced enough to do almost any detail level i have need for. very fine lines to good, wide spray patterns. requires good cleaning habits, but not difficult. i recommend xylene for cleaning everything up after use, just be careful with it (like any solvent). from camo, to custom car model paint jobs, being able to use any bottle paint i have is really nice. the double action trigger took a little practice, but really not long at all to master. it makes a great accompaniment to my amazing air airbrush. anyone looking for a reasonable, good performing starter airbrush will be happy with this one, in my opinion. very satisfied!

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  • Single needle/nozzle for spraying all mediums, inks, dues, watercolors,
  • acrylics, enamels, lacquers, glazes, latex, all of Badger air brush ready
  • paints.
  • Single needle/nozzle sprays pencil lines to 3" spray pattern.
  • Minimal spare parts to stock.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Fastest needle release on the market.
  • Finger tight assembly tolerances.
  • Excellent for multiple applications for novice to advanced air brushers.
  • Lifetime warranty on labor and seal.


Compressor that produces 30 to 50 PSI.

  • Badger Product Number: 155-7


  • 155-7 Set contains 155 Anthem airbrush with all purpose nozzle / needle, attachable jar, two additional jars with covers, ½ oz. color cup, air hose with varying air source fitting, protective cap, and instruction manual in an attractive triangular box.




  • Parts List ( Not all parts carried by
  • 51-073 Protective Cap
  • 41-034 M Regulator
  • 51-071 Head
  • 41-004 M Tip
  • 50-046 Needle Bearing
  • 50-019 Trigger
  • 50-042 Back Lever
  • 51-069 155 Shell
  • 50-013 Valve Casing
  • 50-0141 ½O½ Ring
  • 50-014 Plunger & ½O½ Ring
  • 50-020 Plunger Spring
  • 50-015 Valve Screw
  • 50-036 Complete Assembled Valve (includes 50-013/0141/014/020/015)
  • 51-075 Counter Balanced Handle
  • 51-043 Needle Tube
  • 50-030 Tube Shank
  • 50-044 Needle Tube Spring
  • 50-031 Spring Screw
  • 51-010 Needle Chuck
  • 51-048 Needle
  • 50-208 Jar Adaptor
  • 50-0241 Gasket
  • 50-0052 ½ oz. Jar & Cover
  • 51-009 Siphon Tube
  • 50-0482 ½ oz. Color Cup
  • 50-2011 10 Ft. Braided Hose
  • 50-023 ½½ Compressor Adaptor