Carthaginian Veterans

This is a 1/72 scale Carthaginian Veterans plastic model military set from Hat Industries Figures.

Hat Carthaginian Veterans Plastic Model Military Figure Set 1/72 Scale #8212
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Hat Industries Figures Item # hat8212
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Spotlight Review

"Cathagian veterans"
This set comes in one of the smallest boxes i have seen through hat figures the figures come in gray plastic which help sow up detail for painting, but the figures are great perfect for both use in table top gaming as Carthaginians and as Roman allied infantry in the republican roman legions during the Punic wars, the figures with large roman shield make perfect Trarii mixed with other figures for roman legions , the figures would not be out of place in the legions as heavy's., the figures with the round shield make perfect for allied troops from the other roman city colony's along the Italian peninsula. these mixed with other Rorman figures will make your legion look closer to what they really looked like at this period in history. Gerard Gillespie

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"Best set for Hannibals Best"
Gabriel (Edmonton)
Excellent figures. With a little customization (IE turning weapons to be less flat) it becomes a top notch set.

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