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UP City Streamliner Cars Ready to Run

Walthers UP City Streamliner Cars Ready to Run Observation-Dome-Lounge #9000-9014 ACF Lot #4096 Union Pacific(R) - HO-Scale
 Walthers # wmr9600
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Walthers Item # wmr9600
Specifications :
  • Walthers Product Number: 932-9600
  • Walthers Catalog: 2012 HO, page 116
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Spotlight Review

"'Proto' anything is of the highest quality."
As expected this is a beautiful model. At 192g it is beefy. The model I have is 920-9547, UP 9006 and is one of 7 dome-lounges in this City line of products. In this case I am modeling the UP City of Los Angeles, c.1946, headed up by a Broadway Limited UP Challenger of the 4664-4 class, 3976. (Ten of these were converted to oil fired and painted in passenger livery that year and some were assigned to this train as well as the Portland Rose.) The detailing, glazing, paint, striping, printing, interior, interior paint, free rolling wheels with highly detailed trucks (unlike some other Proto passenger cars these trucks do not require any lubrication) and operating diaphragms is pure eye candy and as said, expected. Of course the grabs and stirrups are to scale. But I had a very pleasant surprise when it came out of the box when I discovered it has a blunt end. This is very significant. In doing some research to build the consist I noticed that there are no models of ACF observation cars in this line (there are corrugated side Budd observation cars but I wanted to keep mine all ACF) nor have I seen one on any prototype train make-up equipment rosters I have been able to find. Apparently that's because there were none as near as I can tell. It was the same with SP, most notably with the Sunset and the blunt end 10-6 sleepers at the rear of that train. Typically when no observation car was in the consist the dome-lounge was run at the rear of the train behind the sleepers, themselves behind the diner and all for first class passengers only. If there was an observation car then the dome-lounge would go right behind the diner ahead of the sleepers. So, it has a blunt end. However the end is equipped with a door and diaphragm so it can be entrained as well if you wish. (Note: there were dome/coaches, dome/diners and dome/sleepers both on the prototype and in this model line as well. The dome/coaches went with the coaches, dome/sleepers with the sleepers and the dome/diner was operated mid-train, so make sure of the proper type of dome car type to meet your needs when ordering.) As soon as the coaches arrive I will be buying a couple of them as well as a dome-coach to finish off the consist. And I will be buying them right here, as the advertised price here is the lowest I've seen by a margin of $5 to $13 a copy and way less than your local hobby shop. The City of Los Angeles was one of a few trains that were run in collaboration with the CNW, wherein in this case the CNW would put up 25% of the equipment, so in building the consist the Cafe/Lounge and the Diner are both CNW. Shown here are Milwaukee Road passenger cars and they are relevant to this train as well. After some time the CNW claimed the revenue was not being divided properly and they backed out of the agreement. The Milwaukee Road immediately replaced the CNW to provide service into Chicago from Omaha. This was done around 1955. As an option in diversity, these cars were operated by Amtrak in its early years so they could find a home on your layout in that service as well. Any way you slice it, smooth operation, versatility, good looks and lowest price is a win/win/win/win situation for all concerned and highly recommendable as a result. Well done Walthers and Hobbylinc!

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  • From the introduction of the M-10000 in 1934, Union Pacific set a new standard for luxury with its Streamliner trains. As ridership grew in the late 30s, UP ordered new equipment to provide daily service. Although WWII brought an abrupt halt to the project, by 1946, UP and partners CNW, SP and Wabash had over 100 new cars on order to begin daily "City" runs on several routes. As delivery delays mounted and competitors rolled out new trains, UP opted to rebuild some prewar cars and ordered still more new equipment. While other roads began cutting back in the 1950s, UP expanded service with new "Astra Dome" coaches, lounges and diners. And in 1955, a new service agreement saw Milwaukee Road cars added to UP trains. Despite its ongoing investment in new equipment -- by 1965, UP had purchased 642 brand-new cars -- and commitment to service, losses escalated and UP turned over operation of its trains to Amtrak on May 1, 1971. Today, several original "City" cars survive in museums, as well as in UP's excursion fleet, which sees service behind the company's restored steam and diesel power.
  • Walthers newest name train makes it easy to model these great streamliners in HO and includes
  • * Complete Consists for
  • City of Los Angeles 1955-60
  • City of San Francisco 1955-60
  • Challenger 1955-58
  • * Great Starting Point for modeling
  • City of Portland 1955-59
  • City of Denver 1955-59
  • City of St. Louis 1955, 1958-60s
  • Combined City of Los Angeles/San Francisco 1960s
  • Combined City of Portland/Denver 1959-1960s
  • * 14 New HO Cars
  • * Based on Equipment used 1942-1971
  • * Authentic Paint, Lettering & Striping
  • * Prototypically tinted green windows
  • * Factory-Applied Wire Grab Irons
  • * Correctly painted grab irons as appropriate
  • * Car Name & Number Decals as Appropriate
  • * Superb Detail Inside & Out
  • * Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers
  • * Correct Trucks with RP-25 Metal Wheels
  • * Great with MILW Yellow & Gray Cars too! Get complete information on the UP City Streamliners series here.
  • PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended for operation. Photos show preproduction models with modeler-applied grab irons installed and painted; some details may vary. Sketches are for illustration purposes only; some details and colors may vary


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