Mars Liner Rocket Ship

This is the 1/144 Scale Mars Liner Rocket Ship Plastic Model Kit from Glencoe Models.

Glencoe Mars Liner Rocket Ship Plastic Model Spacecraft Kit 1/144 Scale #06914
 Glencoe Models # glm06914
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Glencoe Models Item # glm06914
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Spotlight Review

"Great old model"
Nice to see Glencoe reissue this old Strombecker kit. The fit of parts is a little rough although it's nothing a competent modeler couldn't handle. I like how Glencoe did the decal sheet so that the Fastway markings could easily be cut to reflect the original TWA markings. The clear parts are marginal but serve the purpose. I put a small LED inside the fuselage and ran the wires through the landing legs and then to a battery pack located under a stand I built. The effect is great especially when you combine an old kit with some modern technology(LED's) and a little modeling skill. Well done Glencoe, keep those old kits coming!

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  • Glencoe Product Number: 06914

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"A shelf queen, maybe, but not a builder."
markw3xx (Texas)
Where to start? First, I never give negative reviews, but this kit earned one. When it arrived, the box was almost impossible to open and I ended up pretty much destroying it in the process. Second, the whole kit was molded in clear plastic. It was brittle and hard to work with when it came to trimming off injector pins. The main hull comes in three lengthwise sections and you have to mount several parts to the inside, including the bridge windows. Putting the hull together is very fiddely and not much fun. It doesn't fit well some much putty was needed. Once all of that was done I tried test fitting one of the landing gear parts and its mounting (glued from the inside) popped off and fell into the hull. Project DOA. I tossed the whole thing into my spares box.

"Disney's old Rocket to the Moon returns"
wwwilliam (Salt Lake City, UT)
This kit is a model of Disney’s original Rocket to the Moon attraction at Disneyland. Long-defunct Strombecker Models released the kit originally and Glencoe re-issued it in the 1990’s. In 2014, it was made available again. It is a faithful replica of the original 76-foot tall rocket located in Tomorrowland from 1955 until it was removed in 1966 for the “New Tomorrowland” which debuted in 1967. The model consists of three segments that make up the rocket body somewhat like a banana peel. Fit of these segments is not good, so prepare to use plenty of putty, sanding, and priming, repeating these steps as needed to eliminate the three seams that run the length of the rocket. This modeler would advise throwing away the clear parts. A much more realistic and easy option is to use Testor’s clear parts cement (TES3515CT) to simulate window glass after final painting is complete. Glencoe cleverly avoided any trademark issues with the TWA name with the “Fastway” decal, which can easily be cut to duplicate the TWA sponsorship logos on Disneyland’s original rocket. Decals on the latest release appear to have a darker red ink than on the 1990’s version. The model would be very easy to build by less experienced modelers since it has few parts and a simple paint scheme but the poor fit persuades me to knock off a star on the rating. It's no surprise from a model kit engineered well over a half-century ago. What makes the kit attractive is the low price and the finished model will really stand out on your display shelf.

"Mars liner"
Overall, I enjoyed building this model. I will say many, no all the parts did require some trimming and /or sanding which lengthened the time needed to complete the kit. Nevertheless, the model brought back memories of the Science Fiction stories I used to have to read in those old grammar school readers that depicted space travel in the future :)

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