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This is the 1/25 Scale Display Case from AMT.

AMT Display Case Plastic Model Car Display Case 1/25 Scale #600
 AMT/ERTL # amtamt600
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AMT/ERTL Item # amtamt600
Specifications :

Size: 9-3/4 x 4-1/4 x 3-11/16" (247.65 x 107.95 x 93.66mm)

  • AMT Product Number: AMT600
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Spotlight Review

"A collectors must have"
demarko11j (California)
This is a must have piece. After all those days and hours of detailing and getting that model to perfection this is a modelers must have. It protects the plastic model and keeps it safe from dirt and scratches. With this case you still get a 360 view of the car only thing you can't see is the under carriage but that's nothing mirrors won't fix. You can get real creative and set up the display case like a car show with ropes around the car, a couple of the wheels are tooken off and on display, just get creative and possibilities are endless

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Two-piece display case (crystal clear Polystyrene cover with textured black base) Dust resistant Interlocking base (allows for stacking of additional cases).


Size: 9-3/4 x 4-1/4 x 3-11/16" (247.65 x 107.95 x 93.66mm)

  • AMT Product Number: AMT600


One 1/25 scale display cast

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Show-em' if you Got-em'..."
CaMike0361 (Lake Forest)
I'm really pleased with this display case product. Nicely crafted and durable. Very low tolerances for base and cover assembly, not to mention the sturdy stacking. Overall, it's going to save me and other modelers a lot valuable time in cleaning our toys every couple weeks. Though I only have 30 models at present, it can still be an exercise in patience to keep them looking nice and not incurring any damage along the way. I'll be buying more down the road....Thanks Hobbylinc...

"Perfect for showing your work!"
Great cases, perfect for 1/25 scale cars. The ability to stack is a real plus-I'm currently seven cases high by five wide, with no hint of instability (and I'm starting a sixth row today with the order I received this morning). I also recommend these case on the quality of their virtually distortion-free clear plastic, as that makes for clear viewing of whatever's inside. One tip I learned lately: I used one of the cases for a '41 Willys with plastic rear slicks, and found that they slid on the base. I found that electrician's tape, laid down where the rear tires would be, solved the problem and is almost invisible on the black base. Highly recommended product!

"stackable, stable and dust protection"
These cases are stable when stacked quite high. The stack remains stable thanks to the design of the base. These provided dust protection and give a good flat surface to glue a label describing what is inside. I glue the tires of the models to the base with white glue. This holds the model in place and allows it to be removed. Do not dust these with a dry rag, the plastic is soft and can be scratched. I use a slightly damp cotton rag (old t-shirt).