Plastic Cement 20 ml

Plastic Model glue with applicator brush.

Tamiya Plastic Cement 20 ml Plastic Model and Hobby Cement #87012
 Tamiya # tam87012
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Tamiya Item # tam87012
Features :

Excellent for plastic models (polystyrene plastic).

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"No strings attached!!"
mmthrax (Plano, TX)
This is so much better than what I used as a kid. The brush under the lid is about 2.5 to 3mm wide. It is fairly precise. It picks up a lot of glue so I press it against the inside of the jar until I have what I think I need. In use it paints on quite nicely. It's thin but doesn't run. It's thick enough to stay where I put it but it is not blobby. The smell is like a strong fingernail polish. I put the brush back on the jar immediately. It takes a few seconds to set up so I either act frozen while I hold it or use a third hand tweezer to help. I really like this stuff.

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Excellent for plastic models (polystyrene plastic).


20 ml.

  • Tamiya Product Number: 87012

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"So easy to work with"
This is probably the best general purpose plastic cement ever for modeling. It's not gooey like the Testors' stuff, but not overly runny. It doesn't slide where I don't want it to go, and dries in a few minutes. That's plenty of time to make adjustments. Once dried it's also easy to sand down, making detailing even easier. Just perfection.

"Going Tubeless"
I'd been away from the hobby for awhile so when I decided to build a model I read some build articles around the net. One of the most common things mentioned was brush on glue as opposed to using the old tube. I figured I'd give it a try and I see why so many people like it. You have total control as opposed to not knowing how much of a blob is going to come out of the tube, and, for small areas, it's really easy to just dip a toothpick in it. Nice price too.

"using multiple types of glues"
Badger0509 (Powder Springs GA)
Never thought I would like to use more that one plastic cement but I tried this on a whim. Sure glad I did... it is the best for gluing large assemblies as it does not evaporate rapidly and hangs in one place quite well. Like gluing large wing assemblies it is the best as it is thick enough to hang in one place and is slow to evaporate. There seems to be some butyl acetate dissolved in it that gives it the thickness. Using the thick and thin Tamiya cements for the many assemblies required to build a complex model goes a lot easier with these cements. I recommend it highly!

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