Interior Lighting - Kit - Version 2 (2012) pkg(6)

This is the N Scale Passenger Car Interior Lighting - Kit - Version 2 (2012) pkg(6) by Kato USA inc.

Kato Interior Lighting - Kit - Version 2 (2012) pkg(6) N Scale Model Train Passenger Car #11212
 Kato USA Inc # kat11212
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Kato USA Inc Item # kat11212
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Spotlight Review

"Excellent Once They're Installed Correctly"
Installing these in my passenger cars made great looking models look even better! Installation is a finnicky process, but it's easy once you understand where everything needs to be. Make sure the reflector butts up against the LED (at least get it as close as possible) so the light is evenly distributed along the car. While there is occasional flickering, there are a few things you can do to keep it to a minimum. Keep your rails and wheels clean, and I recommend wrapping a small strip of electrical tape around the base of the light housing (where the LED clips in) to keep the light in constant contact. Even though installing these lights can be troublesome, the result makes the effort more than worth it.

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"The Perfect Addition To Your Santa Fe Super Chief"
wtcasper (Westminster, CO)
This lighting kit worked so well, I painted and populated the inside of all my passenger cars because now they can be seen. I found this kit easy to install. That is partly because I chose not to use the color filters. I don't really see any blue light. I have watched the filters being installed on YouTube videos which show complete installation and it does look a trifle difficult. I have read a 1-star review of this product that says that the lights don't come on unless you push on the car. This is not the case if the kit is installed correctly. My lights work fine as my pictures show. Also, if the light is not diffused to the other end of the car, it is because the diffuser is improperly installed. Upside down would be my guess. When installed correctly, This simple kit adds a dimension of realism to your layout. I highly recommend it to people who never assume that they did it right the first time.

"Not very good, surprisingly"
FLTrainGuy (Palm Coast, FL)
I had really high hopes for this product, and with the Kato brand reputation, I thought that was not unreasonable. I even bought seated people from Hobbylinc, painted them black, and fit them into the passenger car seats for added realism (I had to cut off their legs, lol). I really do not know what to do with this seemingly terrible product - please see my photo of the uneven lighting. It has extremely poor electrical conductivity to boot, and only works if I press the car to the rails. I could solder little wires in for 100% contact, but my biggest problem is the unrealistic lighting that this product gives. I just cannot get past something that makes the model look fake, and I am very surprised that Kato would not address this - since this is the 2nd version of the product. To boot, the lighting kit parts do not fit seamlessly with the Kato brand passenger car. I've been tinkering around with this thing for 2 hours, just to get one car lit (when I press on it). I've had to bend electrical contacts because the factory configuration did not fit the width of the lead pins from the PCB - by the way - you'll have to do that to so that these will work I bought 2 kits. Hobbylinc - You've got a kit coming back I guess the one I opened I am stuck with, so maybe eBay?

"Interior Lighting - Kit - Version 2 (2012) pkg(6) -- N Scale Model Train Passenger Car --"
mikeblock82 (Tucson AZ)
Very satisfied with end result. Took some fumbling around on my part to get it right. The Bi level cars are the easiest.

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