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A model rocket launch system consists of a model rocket launch pad to hold the rocket steady, and a launch controller to ignite the model rocket engine for rocket liftoff.

Launch Pad

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A model rocket launch pad is the platform used to launch a model rocket. A launch pad, along with a launch controller, make up a model rocket launch system.

Most every launch pad consists of three or four legs for stability on sometimes uneven ground, the launch rod to control the trajectory of the launch of the model rocket, and a blast deflector plate to protect the launch pad from being damaged by the model rocket engine. The angle of the launch pad is adjustable, which allows for control of the direction of liftoff. This adjustment is used to compensate for wind conditions during flight and model rocket recovery.

It is highly recommended to use the appropriate launch pad to launch a model rocket. Most every model rocket kit indicates which type of launch pad to use. This selection is based on the size of the launch lug for the rocket, the model rocket engine used, the weight of the rocket, and how long it takes for the rocket to reach a stable velocity.

Launch Controller

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A model rocket launch controller is a piece of electrical equipment whose purpose is to ignite the model rocket igniter used to fire a model rocket engine. A launch controller, along with a launch pad, make up a model rocket launch system.

Every launch controller consists of and electrical source (or the ability to connect to an external battery) to supply the voltage needed to cause the igniter to burn. Also featured is a manual firing mechanism, usually with a safety lock (or key) for protection for accidental firings. The controller is connect to the model rocket igniter through a safe length of wire and igniter clips to connect to the igniter.

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