F4D1 Skyray fighter/interceptor Aircraft

This is a plastic model kit of a 1/48 Scale F4D1 Skyray Fighter/Interceptor Aircraft by Tamiya.

Tamiya F4D1 Skyray fighter/interceptor Aircraft Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/48 Scale #61055
 Tamiya # tam61055
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Tamiya Item # tam61055
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  • Tamiya Product Number: 61055
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semalevik (Russia)
A good set of Tamiya.Easy going, good connectivity details. There are several places where you need to apply the putty, it is the front part of the fuselage and the keel of the aircraft. A very worthy study of the cockpit. Good transparent cockpit glass.bad frame isolated lantern cockpit. АThe decal set at three.lso there is no air intake duct in front of the turbine. Set allows you to build a model in flying condition as well as parking with folded wings.

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Highly detailed parts molded in plastic.


  • Tamiya Product Number: 61055


1/48 F4D1 Skyray Aircraft plastic model kit

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"F4D1 Skyray"
Excellent overall model kit. Just what you expect from Tamiya. They captured the Skyrays delta wing to perfection. The kit has great fit, no flash and superb decals. A kit anyone can build.

"First Decent Kit of an Important Cold War Fighter"
Until Tamiya came out with this kit, we could only model a 1/48 Skyray with the Lindberg kit--a lot like not having a Skyray. The Tamiya kit featured four very colorful sets of markings and the rigorous detail throughout, and although this airplane was not a long-term success with the sea services, our appetites for it had been cultivated throughout our childhoods by the box scale Revell and Aurora kits. So it was both a must-have and an all-around joy to build. Be aware that the kit requires nose weight.


Towards the end of World War II, many information about advanced aeronautical technology were captured in Germany by the U.S. Forces. One of them was an analysis of the studies carried out by Dr. Alexander Lippisch on deltawinged aircraft. Based upon the information, the Douglas firm developed the F4D Skyray, the only operational interceptor with delta wings in the U.S. Navy.

Starting the design in 1947, Douglas was awarded a contract for the construction and testing of two prototypes in December 1948. The first prototype took off on its maiden flight in January 1951. The second prototype flew shortly thereafter, and the airframe set two new world records, absolute speed record of 1,211km/h and 100km closed course record of 1,171km/h, in October 1953. Having numerous improvements and refinements, the first production F4D-1 made its maiden flight in June 1954 and entered squadron service in April 1956. The distinctive 50 degree sweptback wings with round tips were equipped with leading edge slats and trailing edge elevons. A set of trimmers were installed on the inboard trailing edges of the wings. The outer portions of the wings could be folded upwards by oil pressure for carrier stowage.

Although the Skyray never saw any combat, it proved its high capability as an interceptor with numerous world records and scramble actions in Taiwan in response to crises in late 1950's.

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