Spray Dullcote 3 oz

This is a 3 oz. (85 g) can of Clear Flat Lacquer Overcoat Spray Paint.

Testors Spray Dullcote 3 oz Hobby and Model Lacquer Paint #1260
 Testors # tes1260
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Testors Item # tes1260
Specifications :
  • Testors Product Number: 1260
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Spotlight Review

"Essential Hobbyist E.Q."
Like another reviewer, I too got out of the game for some years but can assure every person who constructs model kits, paints miniature figures, or the like that spraying a piece with a coating of Dullcote will both add the final touch of realism to your piece but also protect it from people handling it. I use it on every work which I don't use a Gloss coating on, like dinosaurs, for example. I would not simply recommend this item but strongly recommend it's use!

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  • This is flammable and toxic.
  • Can be used for
  • models, ceramic, plastics, leather, stone, metal, styrofoam,
  • crafts, wax, glass, paper, figures, fabric, wood and touching
  • up purposes.
  • Not suitable for polyethylene or vinyl.
  • Contains no lead or harmful CFC'S.
  • Easy-to-hold can.
  • Does not exceed 95% VOC by weight.


  • Testors Product Number: 1260


One 3 oz. (85 g) Can of Clear Flat Lacquer Overcoat


"Formula Change?"
I'm not sure if Rustoleum altered the formula from the original Testor's Dullcote but I have found that in colder or more humid conditions, the final coat is more semi-gloss rather than the reliable dull that it had when it was Testors. I have learned to only use it when conditions are favorable now.

"A tried and true product that I still love"
I just recently got back into modeling after taking 20 years off. I still had some of my old supplies including an old empty can of Testor's Dullcote. I decided to order another here recently from HobbyLinc and received it a few days ago on a 1/426 scale Revell USS Arizona. I am happy to report that it is the same great product. It's very forgiving of over coverage. You have to REALLY over-apply it for it to not come out right. It even has served to help hide some finish inconsistencies of semi-gloss paint due to user errors on my part during application. The Dullcote goes on easily and dries dull and clear as it should. The smell is quite strong, though, so I definitely recommend a very well ventilated area. If an easy to use matte/dull finish is your goal without the hassle of having to use and clean an airbrush then you can't go wrong here. It's a must have for new or inexperienced modelers.

"Very dependable matte coat."
I use this for a flat finish and protective coat on scale models and wargame miniatures. Dullcote performs well in a wider temperature and humidity range than any other spray sealer I've tried. Multiple light coats are better than one heavy coat; if over-applied, it can, on rare occasions, dry with whitish residue in crevices and recesses. Smells dreadful, but it should be used only with good ventilation, anyway.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Highly Flammable Paint, avoid heat, flame or puncturing can.
  • Avoid eye contact, skin contact or prolonged breathing of vapors, best to use in a well-ventilated area.
  • Inhaling contents is harmful to respiratory tract and nervous system.
  • Product has chemical known to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm in the state of California.
  • Shake can vigorously before using, reshake often and use at room temperature.
  • For best desired results, test product first.
  • Spray with even strokes and do not stop painting in the middle, for the best results.
  • To avoid wrinkling, recoat within 3 hours or after 48 hours.
  • To clear valve after use, invert can and spray several seconds, if nozzle clogs, clean with thinner.