Grey Primer 200ml Bottle

This is the 200ml Bottle Grey Primer from Vallejo.

Vallejo Grey Primer 200ml Bottle Hobby and Model Paint Supply #74601
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Vallejo Acrylic Paints Item # vlj74601
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  • Vallejo Product Number: 74601
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"Outstanding Primer"
You can't go wrong with this primer when working with an airbrush. Straight from the bottle it flowed beautifully through my Badger airbrush. The primer self levels and leaves a great surface for follow-on painting. I would recommend that you allow a full day for the primer to cure. I can assure you it beats the pants off Model Master primer!

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  • Vallejo Product Number: 74601

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"Big step up from the rattle can primers.."
Had to find a new primer that I could use through my airbrush as it was too harsh of a winter here where I am located to even consider a rattle can. This was just the ticket... was almost ready to spray, great coverage, and very easy cleanup afterwards. Only downfall is that the Grey was a little lighter than what I expected and had trouble seeing the first coat go on. Easy solution... add a drop or 2 of flat black paint to help darken it up a little.

"Very Satisfied"
I used this for the first time today. Up until now I always used Tamiya but the local places ran out and also a lot of online places were out of stock for a while as well. I use Vallejo paints on my models and I figured I would give this a shot as well. I was happy with how it worked. I did not have to thin it at all for it to work in my airbrush, which is nice for me as I am still learning a lot about airbrushing as I go. The only thing I would have to say negative and really this probably falls more on myself is that the color seems to be very white.

"Not very durable - Impossible to sand"
This primer is a acrylic primer. That's what the polyurethane means. This means that it's not very durable as it's grip on the plastic is weaker. Acrylic paint will not damage the primer and neither will enamel paints. Lacquers are a bit trickier as too much will melt the primer (and possibly the plastic underneath) and cause the paint to become splotchy. However, if you bump a key or something hard onto the bare primer, it will scratch. It is not very durable at all. This issue is reduced when paint is applied as the top coats will harden and help protect the kit. If you try to sand this primer, then you'll probably fail. Because it gets damaged so easily, the sandpaper will only do that more. The grey primer covers much better than the white primer and is actually smoother. This means that it sprays smoother and is probably thinner, too. Unfortunately, beyond that it's just like the white primer in quality. Which isn't that great... Just go with a Tamiya spray can primer.

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