Zulu War- Zulus (32) (Re-Issue)

This is the 1/72 Scale Zulu War- Zulus (32) (Re-Issue) Figuers from A-Call-To-Arms plastic model figures.

A-Call-To-Arms Zulu War- Zulus (32) (Re-Issue) Plastic Model Military Figure 1/72 Scale #56
 A Call To Arms # aaf56
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A Call To Arms Item # aaf56
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Spotlight Review

"Good figures, but small"
These are very nicely modeled figures - no flash, and good detail. PROS: No flash Well proportioned Good variety of weapons Good detail Historically accurate Just really nice looking CONS: They're really small - for 1:72 scale There's not very many of them (32) There are only 8 poses The stands are tiny, and while the figures do stand up, they can be knocked over easily The shields must be glued on, and this is the really annoying part. There's no real good way to attack the shields - the shields themselves have tiny holes and the figures' hands have tiny nubs that fit into them, but this does not hold the shield on very well at all. To glue them on, you have to use ridiculous amounts of glue and hold the shield in place for 5-10 minutes while it dries - only to see it fall off again if you didn't do it completely right. I would recommend placing the shields in such a way that the maximum surface area of hand and arm is touching the shield for better solidity. Also, if you intend to paint these figures, DO NOT GLUE THE SHIELDS ON UNTIL YOU ARE GOING TO PAINT THEM. This way, your paint job will seal the shields on. Also (since if you paint your figures, your really should keep them on display, and not in the box, so the paint doesn't come off)if you glue the shields on your figures and then put them in the box, they will rattle around and the shields will probably come off. Despite the nightmare that the shields are, you can get over this problem with a bit of practice and proper technique, and it doesn't detract a whole lot from the overall set. After the shields ARE on, the figures look really good.

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