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Connector Model Train Track Accessory
Product Number: ATL205
Manufacturer: Atlas
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This Connector is an Electrical Control Device Designed for Layouts of Any Scale by Atlas Model Railroad.

Product Features
  • For all scales.
  • SPST.
  • This is a device to turn electrical power on or off to track section or accessories.
  • It has three SPST on-off yellow switches in parallel.
  • Can be coupled together in any number by means of spade lugs (not provided in package).
  • Atlas connector compromises the three single pole, single throw (on/off) switches in one convenient package.
  • The connector provides individual lighting control to accessories such as: houses, street lamps, towers, and so on.
  • It controls power to sidings or provides individual power control to several yard tracks.
Product Specifications
  • Atlas Product Number: 205
What's Included

One Connector with Screws



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