3 Color Pack Primer 4oz

This is the 3 Color Pack Primer 4oz from The Badger Airbrush Company.

Badger 3 Color Pack Primer 4oz Model Airbrush Paint #410
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Badger Airbrush Co. Item # bad410
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Spotlight Review

"Excellent Primer"
Danny Lectro
This primer goes on very smooth, and gives very good coverage without needing a lot of coats. Keep your air pressure around 15 - 20 psi, and make sure to keep your airbrush moving during application, and it shouldn't build up and obscure detail. No thinning necessary, use it straight from the bottle.

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  • Badger Product Number: 410

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"Surprisingly Good"
This has many things in common with the Vallejo version of primer. Both are acrylic (polyurethane) and are sold in the same colors. The Vallejo version does have a lighter grey. Both do not cover up details. However, the similarities end there. The Badger primer is much thicker and requires more force to spray. It can be strange to spray with smaller needles and may splatter. I have a 0.5mm needle on my Iwata Revolution, so it's not too much of a problem. The primer, when dried, is also very tough and scratches a lot less than the Vallejo primer. It's also flatter than the Vallejo primer. You can easily sand the Badger primer without any issues while Vallejo's primer is pretty much impossible to sand. It's like Badger's Stynylrez was meant to be a upgrade over Valejo's primer.

"Incredible primer."
This stuff is fantastic. It is what it says it is. It's a genuine primer. Fantastic. This is not an upgraded Vallejo as a prior review stated, this is a new standard in modeling primers. No surprise with its being from badger. I shoot this with a patriot 105 and I now enjoy priming my models as much as I do building and painting with them. Oh and I've shot all 6 colors with ease and success. All my other primers are in the trash bin.

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