Seam Scraper

This is a Seam Scraper from Squadron Tools.

Squadron Seam Scraper
 Squadron/Signal # squ10203
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Squadron/Signal Item # squ10203
Specifications :

Length: 6-1/2" (16.5cm)

  • Squadron Product Number: 10203
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Spotlight Review

"What a fantastic tool"
I really underestimated this tool. I was skeptical that it could really be that much better than a regular old #11 blade and a careful hand. This thing is amazing. It's much easier to use than a #11 for such things, and it does a superior job of it. I've smoothed a few seams with it, scraped off ejector marks, and most of all used it to smooth the ridge that so many parts have from the molding process. This is probably one of the best things a modeler can buy for under 10. If you've been hesitating about this purchase, go ahead and get one. I think you'll be glad you did.

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  • Stainless steel micro scraper.
  • Used for removing seam lines in plastic kits without destroying adjacent detail.
  • Carded packaging.


Length: 6-1/2" (16.5cm)

  • Squadron Product Number: 10203


One Seam Scraper.

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"OH Man is this COOL"
Been truly wanting a seam scraper for some time but never purchased; instead putting that eight or nine dollars towards a model. Something I find you can do with this seam scraper that a knife cannot finely shave the surface. That's what I've been missing. Use a knife where you need a knife use a scraper when you need some precision.

"Surprisingly Effective"
BP (Anchorage, AK)
When I first saw a 'seam-scraper' I thought, why? I've got one of those, it's called an X-acto #11. No no no, I finally bought one of these when I had a bigger project and quickly realized it has powers far beyond those of a thinner blade. The angle of the cutting edge and the overall weight give it a unique ability to get into tight corners and plane a surface down to a nice shine. It has quickly become one of my new best friends, literally a magic wand that when waved over your model, all the surfaces align. I find myself using it a lot now, a classic example of something I never needed before but now I can't live without. If you (like me) ever scoffed at this thing, give it a try. It's impressive how well it performs. Now that I've tried it I will always have one on my modeling table.

"Great tool."
Very helpful for cleaning up seam lines on panels or edges of small parts. Also good for scraping glue of off your work surface.

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