Air Campaign- The Oil Campaign 1944-45 Draining the Wehrmacht's Lifeblood

Osprey-Publishing Air Campaign- The Oil Campaign 1944-45 Draining the Wehrmachts Lifeblood
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"Hitting where it hurts most."
The Third Reich proved to be a remarkable tough opponent, despite facing invasions from East and West in 1944-45. A sustained aerial bombing campaigns against the German heartland by the RAF and AAF inflicted considerable damage, but at significant cost. In this Osprey Campaign Series book, historian Steven Zaloga makes the case for the importance of the oil campaign in the final defeat of Nazi Germany. The narrative covers the long struggle to convince the Allied leadership of the value of hitting German oil production facilities, and the even longer struggle to inflict lasting damage. The analytical analysis in the author's conclusion is worth the price of the book. The text includes lots of period photographs and useful battle graphics and attrition charts. The battle scene artworks in this book are very small, not the typical double page spread seen in other books in this series. Very well recommended to students of the air war of the Second World War.

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