Supermarine Spitfire VB Fighter Aircraft

This is a plastic model kit of a 1/48 Scale Supermarine Spitfire VB by Tamiya.

Tamiya Supermarine Spitfire VB Fighter Aircraft Plastic Model Airplane Kit 1/48 Scale #61033
 Tamiya # tam61033
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Tamiya Item # tam61033
Specifications :
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Wingspan: 9-1/4" (23.4cm)
  • Fuselage Length: 7-1/2" (19.3cm)
  • Tamiya Product Number: 61033
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Spotlight Review

"Great model"
Perfect fit on all pieces. Very accurate with small details. Great for beginners and experts alike! Would highly recommend

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  • Approx 50 parts in medium grey and clear with fine recessed panel lines.
  • Accurately captures features of Mk Vb: spinner, armament, exhaust stubs.
  • Highly detailed cockpit with accurate instrument panel, seat, control stick and rudder pedals, bulkheads, and sculpted pilot figure.


  • Scale: 1/48
  • Wingspan: 9-1/4" (23.4cm)
  • Fuselage Length: 7-1/2" (19.3cm)
  • Tamiya Product Number: 61033


1/48 Supermarine Spitfire VB plastic model kit

Requirements & Suggestions

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"The fit was TRUE to Tamiya form!"
crawfordwilson3 (Durham, NC)
I heard all of the comments about Tamiya and how well the kits fit, and this Spitfire was certainly no exception! It took me - in small spurts - just about an hour to put 95% of the kit together. The joint seam between the wing and fuselage is flawless!the wings have NO GAPS. the fuselage has no gaps. The whole kit fit like a GLOVE. no clamping, no tape, just a finger tight hold till the glue set. (I used Micro scale's Micro Weld liquid cement). I would recommend this kit to anyone.

"Vb beauty"
I can honestly say that this is one of the nicest models I have put together recently. I used no filler whatsoever that is how well my copy of this classic fit together. Construction was straight forward and the instruction sheet clear. I chose to build my model with the cockpit drop down door in the closed position. You can choose to show it open but that will require cutting the moulded door out of the fuselage and then installing the separate piece open door. This would be considered had there been a tad more cockpit detail although I am not complaining as with this beauty all closed up the cockpit looks pretty good. There are a couple of options for canopy pieces so one must be cognizant of the exact aircraft one is building. Again, if you are building a later mark Vb you can snip off the radio mast on top of the tail as the aircraft would have had an UHF radio and therefore no antenna. On my model I did attach IFF wires. To do this I simply drilled holes across from each other through the fuselage and after applying the decals I threaded a needle and carefully threaded same through the holes and then attached the thread to the end os the elevators. I chose aftermarket decals and did my bird up in middle eastern colour scheme. I would have no hesitation in recommending this model as she does up very nicely. At some point in the future I would consider building another but with so many Spitfires out there.......

"A beautiful model and a joy to build"
Did this after a very frustrating Revell B-17, whose parts didn't even come close to fitting together. The Spitfire, on the other hand is true Tamiya precision. The first thing you build is an exquisite cockpit, complete with pilot with feet on rudder pedals, which then disappears into the fuselage. Ahh, that's what makes Tamiya so much fun. And don't forget the decals. Incredibly detailed and fragile. I admit to not doing all the tiny labels. The wings and prop snapped into place and didn't need cement. That's quality molding of parts. Absolutely no flash! My recommendation, swear off the cheap or old kits like Revell and Lindberg. They only cause frustration. Stick to Tamiya, Academy, Trumpeter, AFVClub (if you love tiny parts) etc. I haven't tried all brands, but have learned the hard way to seek out quality and pay the price in money not in frustration. Don't end up with a finished product you want to hide!


The Supermarine Spitfire is regarded by many as the most beautifully designed single seat fighter to appear during the Second World War. Conceived by the renowned British designer Reginald J. Mitchell, the protoype first flew on 5 March 1936. It was an advanced, low wing monoplane with a very slim fuselage and smooth flush riveted metal skin.

The Mk I and II versions demonstrated their formidable performance during the "Battle of Britain", and by early 1941, the majority of fighter squadrons were furnished with this fighter. Improvements were suggested by the pilots and every effort was made to maintain its performance advantages over its opponents. Early improvements resulted in the Mk. V series of Spitfires which became the most widely produced version of all Mk's. The main improvement was the furnishing of three wing armament versions, and the use of the more powerful Merlin type 45 engine, and the "fishtail" flame damping exhaust stubs. The most numerous Mk.V was the "b" winged version with a mixed armament of two 7.7mm machine guns and one 20mm cannon in each wing.

Although the famous elliptical shaped wing was retained on most Spitfires, some Mk. Vb's had clipped wing tips for better low altitude manerverability. The Spitfire went through numerous minor and major changes throughout its production life, and served with distinction on every battle front of the war.


  • Decal Options:
  • 1: Serial No. EN821, SN o M, No. 243 Squadron, RAF.
  • Top: Ocean Grey/Dk Green camo; Bottom: Medium Sea Grey; Spinner
  • Sky.
  • 2: Serial No. BL479, SZ o X, No. 316 Squadron, RAF.
  • Top: Ocean Grey/Dk Green camo; Bottom: Medium Sea Grey; Spinner
  • Sky.
  • 3: Serial No. ?, AGM o, Fighter Command Wing Cmdr A.G. Malan.
  • Top: Ocean Grey/Dk Green camo; Bottom: Medium Sea Grey; Spinner
  • Sky.

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