Tree Kits 3/4'' - 3'' (36)

This Woodland Scenics Tree kit includes 36 Deciduous Style Trees and three shades of Green Clump Foliage to create 3/4 - 3 tall Realistic trees for any Layout.

Woodland Tree Kits 3/4 - 3 (36) Model Railroad Tree #tr1101
 Woodland Scenics # wootr1101
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Woodland Scenics Item # wootr1101
Specifications :

Height: 3/4" - 3"

  • Woodland Product Number: TR1101
  • Walthers Product Number: 785-TR1101
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Spotlight Review

"These kits are perfect!"
jdw3rd (Rhode Island)
Woodland Scenics Tree Kits are perfect for those who want realistic trees without having to spend the extra money on 100% pre-fab. Armatures and trunks can be twisted and bent by hand but I'd recommend applying heat with a small craft torch to make manipulating the armatures easier. Armatures can even be cut below their first bough and glued ( using plastic model cement ) to another armature to make multi-trunked trees. I like to apply bits of mixed clump foliage one branch at a time using Multi-Bond or similar adhesive. One tip that will take your trees to another level is to spray paint the armatures after you've formed them with a textured spray paint ( like you'd use on patio furniture ) - Brown with a splattering of grey comes out nicely. Let dry and then apply your foliage.

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  • Easy for beginners with craftsman quality results!
  • Kit includes a variety of branch armature sizes to create realistic trees for any scale layout.
  • Armatures are bendable at room temperature and will not spring back to the original shape.
  • Tree kits come with a pin on the bottom of the trunk for permanent planting.
  • Set includes optional base for temporary placement.
  • Create the armature shape you want then add as much or as little foliage as desired.
  • Clump Foliage shades included: dark green, light green, medium green.
  • Once trees are assembled additional foliage may be added or removed.
  • Directions provided.


Height: 3/4" - 3"

  • Woodland Product Number: TR1101
  • Walthers Product Number: 785-TR1101


  • 36 Deciduous Trees
  • 3 Packages of Green Foliage

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Assembly
  • Hob-e-Tac
  • Woodland Scenic Sprayer
  • Scenic Cement
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Product Rank


"Great Trees!"
xarkzila (Frederick, CO)
I'm fairly new to model rail-roading so all of this is hit and miss for me right now. However, this was an EXCELLECT hit! When I first opened the package, I looked at the tree armatures and thought Really? These things are flat, and nobody mentioned having to have the recommended adhesive. However, after twisting one of the armatures up, it looked good enough to plant bare! Adhesive: Of course they recommend theirs, but I didn't purchase any so substituted contact cement. Spread plenty on the bottoms of the branches and then dip it in the foliage. Be particular with the cement and it's easy to create a tree with different shades of foliage. Just pick off whatever doesn't look like a tree and when you're done you'll have 36 great looking trees at an even greater price!

"Easy to use"
These are very easy to use and look great, highly recommended.

"For HO and larger scales"
wtcasper (Westminster, CO)
I built some of these for a friend's HO layout. With some extra effort like painting the trunks and replacing the little circular base with a pin, you can have a decent tree for a nominal price. I recommend using Goop for the adhesive and applying the clump foliage one branch at a time. With foliage applied, the shortest trees in the package are about an inch tall. That's 13 feet in N scale, so I would not recommend it for that scale. Otherwise it can be a good buy if you're willing to go the extra mile.

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