Ultra Matte Varnish 60ml Bottle

A high quality ultra matte varnish which can be applied with a brush or an airbrush to achieve a dead flat finish on any surface.

AK Ultra Matte Varnish 60ml Bottle Hobby and Model Acrylic Paint #183
 AK Interactive # aki183
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AK Interactive Item # aki183
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Spotlight Review

"AK - Ultra Matte Varnish 60ml Bottle"
Guess the best time to review a product is while you sitting waiting for a coat to dry on the vehicle I just finished. I used a coat of this to seal the paint and decals. This is flat, and it is very flat, Ultra Matte. Just as the bottle says. I like it. It went down smooth with a brush, and it gives a nice thin but even coat. This varnish is very thin comparing to Tamiya or Model Master flat varnish coats. So this should work very well on small items like figures and equipment as well. Just be careful on how you load up the brush, it you get to much on there it could drip into places that you might not want a flat coat on. I would say this should work very well in airbrushes because of how thin it is. Bottom line, this is going to be a go to product, it works well, really well, and I recommend it. Happy Model Building!

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  • AK Product Number: 183

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"Dead flat"
AKs Ultra Matte Varnish is an excellent flat coat with a very matte finish. I thinned in 3:2 ratio with AK acrylic thinner 712 and airbrushed at 20 psi using light coats at first then a final wet coat. No white film or hint of shine. Recommended!

After having used Testors brand Dullcote in both the brush-on and spray can versions for approximately 30 years, I had always held it in fair regard. As a miniature wargames enthusiast, I have used the product on both figures as well as vehicles. Enough said about that, well maybe not? While Testors Dullcote provided a quite rugged finish, able to deal with heavy hands and a rough gaming surface, it never really provided a satisfactorily flat finish. The name epresses dull, but the results are more of a satin. After having decided to re-enter the realm of airbrush [Badger, Patriot 105] painting, I decided to engage in all the product types available to run through the brush itself. I had hopes that AK Interactive's Ultra Matte Varnish would provide me the finish that I have long sought but never achieved. In short, it did. Ultra Matte Varnish is insanely matte. I cannot describe how perfectly matte it is other than to say, it must be seen to be believed! The next test will be the long term endurance of the product. This is a unique requirement that the average modeller will not be in need of satisfying and can thus use this product with confidence. Lastly, I would like to add that the product did well to unify my paintwork as the various colors, either highlighting, or contrasting, all became tonal matches as finish became consistent across the entire model. This product works. Happy painting!

"Great product"
Easy to use, no cloudy finish that can occur with other brands and left the models with a super matt finish, an excellent way to seal your models

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