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Q2G2 3.5 Igniters (6) HAZ

This is the Model Rocket Igniters by Quest.

Quest Q2G2 3.5 Igniters (6) HAZ
 Quest # qus7024
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Quest Item # qus7024
Specifications :
  • Quest Product Number: 7024
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Spotlight Review

"Makes the perfect dual deployment ejection charge"
I buy these exlusively to make small dual-deployment ejection charges (2g BP or less). First, I use a tester to check continuity of the Q2G2 Igniter (never had one fail, but I test anyway). I then take an empty Black Powder (BP) container (I save all the ones that come with Aerotech reloads) and drill a hole in the bottom with a 5/64 drill bit (just feed the drill bit into the open end of the container and it will self-center on the bottom of the container). Feed the bare wire ends into the container and they will slide easily through the hole, continue to pull until the head of the ignitor seats on the bottom of the container (don't pull too hard or you will damage the igniter tip). Use a little masking tape around the bottom to ensure no grains of BP can escape. Pour in the BP, the Aerotech containers have convenient markers for measuring up to 2g BP. Fill remainder of container with flame-proof wadding (this ensures the BP stays in contact with the igniter) and close cap. I break off the little ball that locks the container closed and use a little masking tape to ensure the cap stays closed (although I bet the little ball-lock would break easily enough when the charge goes off - been meaning to test that). Ready to wire directly to your E-Bay for dual-deployment rockets.

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  • Durable tip that can not be broken by handling.
  • Flexible insulated lead wires.


  • Quest Product Number: 7024


6 igniters


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These starters/lighters/igniters are fantastic and are very versatile. I have used these in clusters and they have never let me down. I find them to be easier to use than the Estes Solar igniters in clusters since the wires are a bit more flexible and don't tend to shift the pyrogen end around as much. They are also fantastic for use for dual deployment. The only drawback is that they use so little current that a standard estes launcher will light them up when you insert the key. As a previous reviewer has mentioned swapping out to a LED will correct this or use a different device to launch. Price/per is outstanding and they are extremely reliable.

"The only one I use for clustering"
skydog (Arizona)
This is the best, most reliable low-current igniter available today. Firing current is about 125 MilliAmps-about 1/10 the current required for Estes igniters. Can be fired easily with a 9 volt battery. A word of caution: Do not use these with any launch controller that has a light bulb for continuity!! Most light bulbs will draw enough current to fire the igniter. You need a launch controller that has a continuity LED. LEDs will only draw about 25 mA, giving you a wide safety margin. These are not only good for ejection charges, but it's the only igniter I use for clustering. Be sure to wire the igniters in PARALLEL for clusters. They ignite about 3 times faster than Estes igniters, which is both a pro and a con. On the pro side, they will fire before the rocket leaves the pad. The con is, these igniters not only fire fast, they burn fast, producing more of a pop than a sustained burn. On some aged Estes motors, I have had the igniter work but the motor fail to light. If your motors are not too fresh, it seems the propellant gets a thin oxide film on it that can make ignition more difficult. The next time I do a cluster, I'm not only going to test continuity beforehand, I'm going to use a small drill bit to abrade the propellant a bit and create a fresh ignition surface. Another trick that will help is dipping the igniter into one of the pyrogen compounds that are available.

"Quest Q2G2 the Best Igniters for Clusters"
Q2G2's for Cluster rockets are fool proof. I have launched 2,3,7 and 12 motor clusters using these igniters with no problems. This was done on a 12 volt power supply. All in all with over 250 flights in single and clustered motors not one has failed . It doesn't get any better than that.

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