G80-7T Blue Thunder Motor

This Package Contains One G-class G80-7T Blue Thunder Single Use Composite Model Rocket Engine Designed by Aerotech.

Aerotech G80-7T Blue Thunder Motor G Model Rocket Engine #78007
 Aerotech # aro78007
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Aerotech Item # aro78007
Specifications :
  • Motor Type: G-class
  • Motor Diameter: 1.13 (29mm)
  • Motor Weight: 4.2oz (120g)
  • Total Impulse: 137 Newtons-sec.
  • Maximum Lift-Off Weight: 32oz (907g)
  • Aerotech Product Number: 78007
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Spotlight Review

"The King of Hobby Motors!"
jayorr (Utah)
G80, the biggest and baddest toy propellant device. Even better in pairs (for my LOC Mini Mag). The ONLY way to go for minimum diameter, high altitude flights. I spent WEEKS looking for my reloadable G motor, wouldnt have cared if it was disposable (try colored chalk in the airframe, you can see it better upon ejection). Can't be beat for speed, noise, and FUN!

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  • This single-use motor is intended to be used in single-stage rockets powered by a single motor.
  • Uses the exclusive Copperhead single lead igniter.
  • Certified by the National Association of Rocketry.
  • Extremely realistic look and sound.
  • Blue Thunder propellant formulation: a bright violet-blue flame with a minimum of exhaust smoke.
  • The perfect propellant for greatest lift-off acceleration.
  • Easy to track and exciting to watch
  • Time delay of 7 seconds between propellant burnout and the firing of the ejection charge.
  • The unique composite fuel used in this single-use motor is up to three times more powerful than conventional black-powder based hobby rocket motors.
  • Ignites by electrical means only.
  • Compact motor comes with directions and performance specifications.
  • Product warranty policies included.


  • Motor Type: G-class
  • Motor Diameter: 1.13 (29mm)
  • Motor Weight: 4.2oz (120g)
  • Total Impulse: 137 Newtons-sec.
  • Maximum Lift-Off Weight: 32oz (907g)
  • Aerotech Product Number: 78007


  • One G80-7T Blue Thunder Single Use Composite Model Rocket Motor
  • One Copperhead Igniter

Requirements & Suggestions

  • Copperhead Igniter Installation
  • Single Stage Rocket
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"Loud Lift-Offs"
FinBurner (Brandonbacn@outlook.com)
I believe this is the most powerful rocket motor you can buy without a Level 1 certification. The burn time is very short (about 1.5 seconds) so it creates a very high (and loud) amount of thrust all at once. I put this in a minimum diameter scratch-built rocket that leaped off the pad and was never seen again. This motor should only be used on well-built kits as the high thrust will stress the airframe and fins more than most motors.

"Blue thunder is an understatement."
Excellent engine. My one criticism is that the front of the motor has a rubber cap that is discharged into the rocket when the ejection charge fires. Make sure you clean out the rocket after each launch. With this engine, my barracuda is out of sight, in a flash, with oh wow's all around.

"Better With Time"
You know the saying, it ain't what it used to be? Well it is true in the case of the G80T, except that it has gotten a lot better. I launched a 2.1 scratch built that was pretty much identical to a design that I launched 15 years ago on the previous G80 design and my mouth dropped open. You would not think an extra 30ns or so of impulse would make that much of a difference but it did. I timed 7 and a half seconds from burnout to ejection and the rocket was still heading upwards fast enough to swing the tail end up like a pendulum when the chute deployed. Compare this to 15 years ago and even on a truly vertical launch, the rocket was falling back through the contrail by the time the 7 seconds ticked by. Good job Aerotech.


  • Sale to Persons Under 18 Years of Age Prohibited by Federal Law.
  • Motor is very hot after firing.
  • Store in a dry place where temperature is between 45 degrees (F) and 100 degrees (F).
  • See directions for proper disposal method

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