US Infantry July 1944 (4)

This is the 1/35 Scale US Infantry July 1944 (4) Plastic Model Figures from Master Box Limited.

Master-Box US Infantry July 1944 (4) Plastic Model Military Figure 1/35 Scale #3521
 Master Box Limited # mbl3521
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Master Box Limited Item # mbl3521
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Spotlight Review

"Perfect Aid Station Figures"
johncpo41 (www.hobbiesinabarn)
A couple of years ago I built a diorama that needed a medic and a wounded soldier and this kit was the perfect combination. The figure parts went together with little or no flash and the fit was very well done. The poses and expressions were right for the depiction of hurrying to get a buddy to an aid station. Along with the theme I did not arm the figure I used as a medic and added red crosses to the helmet as this is an easy conversion.

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  • Master-Box Product Number: 3521

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"Fun build!"
Well built lots of detail fun fun ! Tell all your friends and family!

"US Infantry July 1944"
A little disappointed with these figures. The boldness or crispness (if that's a word) of a Tamiya figure is lacking on these. Assembly of the figures was fairly easy. But, with the lack of numbers on the tree. You have to refer to the diagram on the box. I replaced the weapons with Tamiya weapons due to the lack of detail. Also, there was no Division and rank decal sheet in my kit. Don't get me wrong. With a little extra work they build up in very nice figures. And, will work great in a small diorama. Like with just a Jeep. If your going to build the one figure as the Medic. Do some research. I do not believe that Medics carried weapons. But, I could be wrong.

"A great set of US figures"
The four figures are model in grey and come on one sprue. A small decal sheet is also included with division and rank insignia. They have good crisp moldings with no flash. The seem lines clean up nicely. Each figure is assembled with six parts: 2 arms, 2 legs, torso, and head. The facial expressions are acceptable. The poses are excellent. One figure is firing his M1, one is wounded and is being dragged to safety by a medic, and the last figure is throwing his grenade. The canteens should be replaced since they are not the correct style for the ETO. Great set of figures.

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