US Army Infantry Crew Soldiers Set

This is a plastic model kit of a 1/35 Scale Set of Four U.S. Army Infantry Military Miniatures from Tamiya. For ages 10 and up.

Tamiya US Army Infantry Crew Soldiers Set Plastic Model Military Figure Kit 1/35 Scale #35013
 Tamiya # tam35013
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Tamiya Item # tam35013
Specifications :

Scale: 1/35

  • Tamiya Product Number: 35013
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Spotlight Review

"Just OK for the price"
Rhodesian Infantry (USA)
These figures are made with somewhat dated 70's technology and it shows, but can be made to work for you for ww2 or Korean War or even US Allies post war period with some work. If you are going for a really detailed project get another more detailed product like Dragon etc... , but if you are looking for low price, and simplicity of building and can deal with just OK quality, these are fine for you.I think the low price is the selling point for me.

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  • Small plastic parts are attached to sprues and molded in dark military green.
  • Four total figures, three in the position of shooting, one in the process of throwing a grenade.
  • Weaponry and multiple accessories drape the attire of soldiers.
  • Option to use two bases.
  • Box can be used as a guide for coloring models.


Scale: 1/35

  • Tamiya Product Number: 35013


One 1/35 Set of Four U.S. Army Infantry Military Soldiers

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Great fugures."
This is my first set I have ever worked on.I love these figures. I bought five boxes and interchange the arms and weapons to create different figures all together. Now I have 20 different poses. The original poses can stand well even without the bases. However, in some cases were I interchanged weapons,rucksacks or arms, in order to make them stand better without the base, I used little bits of pieces that are very tiny, under their boots. Those pieces came from the set itself, when you remove the figure or the equipment from the square base that are all attached.

"A Little Rough But Ok"
Marvin (Teague, Texas)
This is one of the roughest figure kits I have worked with. I find the figure poses are a little to posed not very human looking. A lot of flash to remove at least on the kit I have. Facial expressions are also not human looking enough. I would recommend getting one of the weapons kits and replacing the Thompson and the Garands both of which in my kit had broken barrels. It will give you plenty of work to clean them up. In any event, this kit is worth the price and at under four bucks you can't go wrong. Get a couple to build and a couple to use as supply points for modding other figures mixing and matching heads arms and bodies along with the accessories that come with it.

"Tamiya US GIs kit"
The Good; very good detail, except maybe with the grenades, They have done better, Sturdy material. The bad; lots of flash on this particular kit. Quite tedious sanding and still missed some. As with the older kits, there was a big gap between the torso and lower body, on the two piece figures. Still these figures way outclass some of the other makers figures, that cost more than five bucks.


  • Keep small parts and sharp edges away from children ages 3 and under.
  • Care should always be taken when using tools and modeling knives.
  • Paints recommended for use with this kit are for adult modelers only.
  • Use paints and cement in well-ventilated areas.

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