US Army Assault Infantry Soldiers

This a plastic model kit of a 1/35 Scale WWII U.S. Army Assault Infantry men made by Tamiya. This kit is recommended for ages 10 and up.

Tamiya US Army Assault Infantry Soldiers Plastic Model Military Figure Kit 1/35 Scale #35192
 Tamiya # tam35192
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Tamiya Item # tam35192
Specifications :

Scale: 1/35

  • Tamiya Product Number: 35192
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Spotlight Review

"Excellent detail and realistic poses"
The infantrymen that comprise this set are a fine replica of U.S. soldiers to include in any diorama. There is a significant amount of detail that is an improvement over other Tamiya figure sets (such as the Western Europe infantry set). The bodies of the soldiers are well-proportioned and their poses are more dynamic that other sets, as well. While some soldier sets have static poses of soldiers walking upright as though marching in boot camp formation or standing at attention (who does that during combat?), this one has made efforts to simulate realistic battle activity. I found this squad the most satisfying set of American soldiers available in 1/35 scale. I recommend this set for any diorama that depicts ruins or some other structure that would provide cover for advancing infantrymen. I would use this set again for a diorama that includes a vehicle. I can think of no cons for this set. There was nothing unsatisfactory. The pieces were easy to paint and assemble. The figures were capable of being posed at will, having separate heads, torsos, legs, and arms. Taking liberty with subtle posing differences, this kit could be used as alternate depictions with enough variation to simulate even more different scenes.

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  • Small unassembled pieces molded in green and attached to sprue trees.
  • Weaponry includes an M1 rifle w/ grenade launcher, an M1 rifle (Garand), an M1A1 sub-machine gun (Thompson), an M1 carbine, a
  • BAR M1918A2 (Browning Automatic Rifle), and a grenade.
  • Other accessories include a holster, a helmet, a canteen, a bayonet, plus two shovels and a meat can pouch.
  • Figures include three riflemen, a "second-in-command" soldier, a bar gunner, and a squad leader.
  • U.S. Army Assault Infantry soldiers are molded in highly animated acts of war, such as giving commands, crouching, or laying down.
  • Detailed facial expressions.
  • Box illustrations provide overall paint scheme.
  • Figures are clothed in the M1941 or the M1943 field jacket and the correct style leggings for WWII Army personnel.


Scale: 1/35

  • Tamiya Product Number: 35192


One 1/35 Plastic WWII U.S. Army Assault Infantry Set - Six Men Total

Requirements & Suggestions

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"Some of the best poses on the market"
This group of figures was an absolute joy to work on. The sculpting and detail is superb and require minimal cleanup. You will have to remove some seams and add a little putty here and there but overall you can't beat them for the price. The squad leader with the Thompson is a great figure to signal for other troops to stay where they are. Pro's - The poses are perfect to show caution was these wary troops seem to be holding back before advancing. Con's - I didn't think the soldier with the rifle grenade really fit into the mix the way he is positioned. You will have to make your own slings. I did mine with masking tape painted leather brown and it adds a little more detail to the figure. Highly recommended

"Love it"
It really is good for a new beginner because it isn't hard to paint and fits in any diorama

"Pretty good"
Not bad, and with what you get for the price, good. Hands are a little big, and the faces don't have much character, but the uniforms and gear are solid. It definitely shows the improvement of Tamiya's figures over the years. Fit is good-plus but not quite great, and seam lines are right where they always are and easy to clean up with a hobby knife. I would have liked to see a decal sheet with uniform insignia, but an aftermarket sheet can supply you with many kits' worth of chevrons and unit patches.


  • WARNING: Keep small parts and sharp edges away from children ages 3 and under.
  • Care should be taken when using tools and modeling knives.
  • Paints recommended for this kit are for adult modelers only.

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