Plastic Putty 5/8 oz

This is a 5/8 Oz. Tube of Contour Putty from Testors.

Testors Plastic Putty 5/8 oz Plastic Model Putty #3511
 Testors # tes3511
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Testors Item # tes3511
Specifications :

5/8 fl.oz. (18ml)

  • Testors Product Number: 3511
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"Testors Plastic Putty"
Jesus Loves You - John 3:16, Isaiah 53 (
Testors Plastic Putty is a good putty for a cheap price. When I was using it to help fill in some spaces in my F-5 Tiger II model, I noticed that it dried very quickly. (Hint: One must ALWAYS put the lid back on immediately after use. Squeeze gently to prevent a slow pouring of putty that, if the lid is not put back on, will dry quickly and be wasted. However, when I first squeezed the tube, only a clear liquid pours out before the more solid putty comes out. I do not know how to prevent this.) Once the putty was put on the model and smoothed out, the paint went over it nicely with no problems. I would definitely recommend this putty as a good, cheap alternative to other more expensive putties.

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  • Use for filling seams and customizing plastic models.
  • Allow to dry and work to final contour with knife and sandpaper.


5/8 fl.oz. (18ml)

  • Testors Product Number: 3511


5/8 Oz. of Contour Putty.

Requirements & Suggestions

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"A very good product that does exactly what you want for an excellent price."
This is a really good product. It is easy to work with and can be sanded and cut without a lot of effort required. Compared to other products that I have used in the past, this is the easiest and most cost effective way to go. The only negative thing I can say about this, and this really isn't negative at all in fact, is how quickly it will dry. Be sure to have your plan ready when using this because you will not have time to slow down. However, for people as impatient as I am waiting for things to dry, this is the product for you. I enjoyed using it so much that I recently placed an order for several more.

"Testors Plastic Model Putty"
JohnnieA63 (Fairmont, WV)
My only complaint about this Testors product is the tendency for liquid to form at the end of the tube. I used it recently after it had been sitting for a while and the first squeeze or two brought out a nearly-clear putty. I had to use more than necessary so I could mix it up. It worked OK after I did that and now that I am using this tube heavily and regularly the separation of ingredients is no longer a problem. It does have a tendency to harden quickly when using small amounts, so plan your work, and work fast. Sands up easily and paint adheres well to it, when properly sanded and primed. I recommend it while supplies last, but the Vallejo, AK, Tamiya white and Squadron putties do at least an equally good job of filling seams.

"A Little Dab Does the Job"
Testors Contour Putty is great for filling small pinholes and mold lines on plastic model kit parts. This putty can also be used to fill in sanding scratches. Apply to the surface or pinholes in small dabs using a toothpick or fingertip. The putty dries quickly when applied in thin layers. It can be filed, pared and sanded using fine sandpaper when completely dried.

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